Open Carry, Who does it?
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    Open Carry, Who does it?

    I know open carry is permissible in Indiana because the permit and laws do not say that it is illegal. In my two years in Indiana I have only seen one person open carry and I have lived in 4 different cities, including Indy and Lafayette. I have only seen one person open carry (or carry at all for that matter). Is open carry just not popular in Indiana or what? Just curious what other people think.

  3. I live in Cleveland Ohio and open carry everyday ... After some time you won't even notice or care what people say or think ..,

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    I live in Indianapolis and have a pistol permit from the ISP. Yes, it is legal to open carry, but since the Indianapolis mayor is a clone of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I carry concealed. However, I don't get overly worried about printing.

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    I wish the android app would tell you where the thread was published (oc forum vs IN forum vs cc forum etc)...

    In the case it's it the general, cc, oc forums (and not the state forum), I OC as well. There are not very many people who open carry here either, but it's widely accepted and I am very comfortable carrying openly here in the Tri Cities.
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    I live in Ft Wayne and have seen a few OCers and I do and have had no problems but I do find I don't get the advantage chance that often at work it is pocket carry then gym shorts won't support it so I pocket carry a lot.

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    I live in the rather small town of Portland and have never seen anyone OC.I myself CC.I figure it gives me a slight advantage if a BG doesn't know I have it.Course I could be wrong .

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    I live just east of Indy and work in Indy and OC all the time. Never a problem with IMPD. The mayor being a former Marine should not care.

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    Thanks everyone for giving input on how OC is received (especially in INDIANA).

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    When I first received my IN Permit, I was told by the State and City Police that CC was preferred. This was in Hammond, IN about 14-15 years ago.

    I do a semi-concealed carry, meaning I wear it OWB, but with something draped over (i.e. shirt, jacket, etc.) it. That way, IF it rides up it doesn't look like I'm trying to carry an illicit weapon in my pants.

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