license lost! replacement wait time?
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Thread: license lost! replacement wait time?

  1. license lost! replacement wait time?

    Recently had my wallet stolen with my license in it and was wondering if anyone knew how long the wait might be for a replacement license to get mailed out. I understand the wait for a new license is pretty long and was curious if that would affect replacement times. Thanx for any replies.

  3. Same boat, but I was told 7 to 10 days. Of course I didn't get it until the 11th day...
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    You got yours in 11 Days? Wow! Took about 2.5 - 3 months for me to get my replacement.

  5. My new one took 1 day less than 12 weeks and a friend applied for a change of address and took about the same amount of time.

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    Three days from Utah. And that was sent to me in Oregon.

  7. Just an update received my replacement exactly 11 days after i mailed in the replacement application and money order

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