Have lifetime license but recently moved...
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Thread: Have lifetime license but recently moved...

  1. Have lifetime license but recently moved...

    I have had my lifetime license for several years, but recently moved to Texas. Will it still be valid?

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    Lifetime license for what? and What state did you move from? Would be the information needed for someone here to answer your question.

    After looking at where you posted this I would make the assumption that you moved from Indiana.

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    If you did move FROM Indiana, by law you have to turn in your License...and if you can read, you'll see it states right on the front of your license, "You are REQUIRED BY LAW to notify the State Police, in writing, within 60 days of a change of name and/or address".

    If you go to the Indiana website, you'll find that you'll have to turn your license in to the State Police if you move out of state; not doing so is a violation of State law.

    I'd turn it in sooner rather than later to avoid chages being filed.

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