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Thread: List of Indiana CCW Instructors

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    Where north of Indy and do you have a web site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrys0227 View Post
    Where north of Indy and do you have a web site?
    I dont' have a web site. All of my advertising is word of mouth. I teach in Grant County. It's about an hour north of Indy. I have my own range, and I don't teach more than 5 at a time. One on one is not a problem, and does not incur extra charges. There are a couple of techniques that may be useful to you. If you'd like to get together, we'll see what we can figure out. Other than time, and gas, there will be no cost to you unless I can benefit your shooting situation.

    Only when our arms are sufficient, without doubt, can we be certain, without doubt, that they will never be employed....... John F. Kennedy
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    Training southern, IN

    Sorry for the delay, I have not been on the website in some time. I teach classes in Waverly and Martinsville.One on one or groups. I teach Basic and Personal Protection courses as well as self defense.
    Anything I can do to help just let me know.

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    NRA & CCW Training at Indy Gun Safety.

    Indy Gun Safety is the largest NRA training center in the Indianapolis metro area. We are also the number one NRA recruiter in the United States in the Instructor catagory with nearly 1000 members recruited this year!

    We offer the NRA Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Home Firearm Safety and Range Safety Officer Courses. Most of our courses meet the training requirements of the state of Florida for a non-resident CCW license.

    Indy Gun Safety also offer a Defensive Pistol/Concealed Carry course that places you in real life situations and covers the safety officer concept, holster draws from concealment, shooting on the move and from retention, using cover and concealment and much more! This course is a great primer and introduction to the shooting sports like IDPA and USPSA.

    We offer a $25 discount if you sign up a second person when you register! We also offer discounts on combo courses as well (i.e. Basic and Defensive Pistol)

    Indy Gun Safety is located in Fishers (NE Indy area) near the intersection of SR 37 and 131st Street.

    The state of Indiana has no training requirement to obtain a License to Carry a Handgun, (LTCH)
    but responsible gun owners are coming out of the woodwork to seek frearm safety training.

    Please see our web site, www.IndyGunSafety for more information.

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    Indiana Instructor

    I thought I had been listed as an Indiana Instructor before, but it appears to have gone missing.

    North Central Indiana Instructor. NRA Pistol Instructor in the Lafayette, IN area. Teach three courses each year in April, June and August at the Linden Conservation Club (index) and can do others.

    Van Phillips
    [email protected]

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    Anyone up North?

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    Arrow NRA Instructor multiple Disciplines /Utah CCW-Richmond, IN

    I am NRA Certified in multiple disciplines along with Utah Licensed CFP Instructor.
    Basic Pistol
    Personal Protection in the home
    Refuse to be a Victim
    Shotgun Shell and Metallic Cartridge reloading
    Range Safety Officer

    Ohio CCW and Utah CFP(ccw)

    Corporate consulting in Crime Avoidance and Crisis Management and Personal Defense

    see our website at

    Bruce Campbell
    Richmond, IN
    [email protected]

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    i think if you give midwest gun exchange a call in mishawaka they can help you out.

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