Hello, I would like to notify you of two additonal ordinances in Hammond, IN. Both deal with prohibition of firearms in buildings leased or owned by the City of Hammond and firearms in city parks. Here are the links and/or ordinance number:

Chapter 132, section 73 of the Hammond Code of Ordinances

(A) No person other than a duly authorized law enforcement officer shall carry or otherwise possess a deadly weapon as defined in I.C. 35-41-1-8 in any public building owned or leased by the city, or at any board or commission meeting of the city, regardless of whether the person has a state permit to carry a firearm. This prohibition shall not apply to a security officer contracted by and through the city while said security officer is on duty pursuant to contract, nor to any elected city official.
(B) If an individual is found carrying or in possession of a deadly weapon as defined in I.C. 35-41-1-8 in a public building, the city’s Police Department is hereby authorized to confiscate the weapon and shall not return the weapon unless authorized by the Judge of the City Court.
(C) Violations of this section shall result in a fine not to exceed $2,500 per offense. Each day a violation occurs shall constitute a separate offense.
(Prior Code, § 132.58) (Ord. 7974, passed 4-29-1997; Am. Ord. 8400, passed 12-10-2001)

Chapter 99, section 28 of the Hammond Code of Ordinances


(A) No person shall bring into or have in his or her possession in any park or park street any firearms, slingshots, firecrackers, torpedoes, fireworks or other missile-propelling instruments or explosives, including any substance, compound, mixture or article having properties of a character that, alone or in combination or contiguity with other substances, mixtures, compounds or articles, may propel missiles or may decompose suddenly and generate sufficient heat, sound, gas or pressure or any or all of these to produce rapid flames, combustion or noxious or dangerous odors or sounds that may annoy any other person or injure any person or property.

Note: the ordinance about firearms in city buildings/meetings specifically prohibits even those possessing a permit. The other ordinance does not specify or makes such a distinction.