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  1. power point

    If you don't know the NRA Lesson plans for basic pistol have an awesome presentation that follows the outline. No need for posters any more. The only thing I have found questionable is they made all the slides with a bold red border that screams "danger". I asked the staff about it and they said red was the color of all the basic pistol materials. I just feel the slides have too much red border. Every class on Powerpoint I have been to told us to limit the hot colors like red. It is still good with pictures and graphics to explain the fundamentals of pistol shooting.
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    There is a great power point download in the NRA instuctor section that gives a great chapter by chapter slide presentation.

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    This site just jumped to the "head of the class" on my list of sites to check daily!
    Fantastic idea Luke!

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    Wonderful idea.

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    I Like it a lot! It looks to me that most everyone has their state/location attached to post via their profile, and those that don't can easily add it.
    Good job Luke, I'm in :-)
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