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Thread: Had to Remove a Student Today - Opinions Sought

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    I have a way to deal with these types of students. One warning in classroom. Next warning outside classroom. It happens again, you don't make it to the firing line. No refund, just take your butt and go home.
    The minute he started in the classroom, you know what your going to get on the range. Cut out the cancer quick. The sooner the better.
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  3. I've been teaching Permit to carry for 3 years now, and have never seen stupidity at this level on a range before. You absolutely did the right thing, though I might have done it sooner. I've only had a couple of students detract from the classroom experience, and I typically pull them aside at a break and make sure they know that I am under no obligation to grant them the certificate they want. On the Range, I follow an Ask, Tell, Make, policy, with Make being a failure on the spot and money refunded to them.

    Anyways, good for you, you can't let one student ruin the experience for the rest, nor can you ignore the safety concerns. In several classes I've been in, the class clown gets all the attention to the detriment of the rest of the class. Usually, they don't address it or won't remove someone from the class.

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    I agree w/the folks who say that OP was likely too lenient. I've already decided that any students in my class will get EXACTLY three chances, and one warning is given after the class starts, as the handout and initial briefing I give are what I consider their first warning. Even then, it depends on the severity of the offense - sweeping everyone with a loaded weapon after being told repeatedly - I've only taught two classes thus far, have my third tomorrow - will get you ejected on the spot, depending on the exact circumstances. If I caught someone "playing" with their gun as the OP describes during any approach to the firing line - even if it's unloaded - that might well get them ejected. Again, depending on the overall circumstances.

    I think, tho, that I would have ejected him during any portion where he was showing a complete lack of common sense, such as in the classroom setting. Take 'em aside during a break and politely explain that they are disrupting the class and taking away from eveyrone elses time. Make it known if they continue to do so, they're gone.

    IMNSHO, you can never be too safe or act towards the side of safety fast enough. I just pray that I never have someone of this level of stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix View Post
    Absolutely...except you waited too long to boot 'em out, IMO.

    Hope you didn't refund his course fee either.
    I agree with "Felix" (Nice Apron by the way Brother Felix) when I took my CCW course many yrs ago I was told in class that if we sweep our self with the weapon we would be warned during classroom participation if we sweep our self or anyone else on the range that would be the end of our class. SO I think 1st time looking down barrel would have been my cue to your out of here buddy. But I do admire you for your patience with the man to try to teach him correct weapon handling.

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    Clear safety issue. I think you did good, just should have done it sooner. It's not a simple matter that somebody might get hurt, but that somebody might get KILLED, including the student. I think that if I had been a student in your class when this was going on, I might have pulled you aside and asked for my money back. Why would I want to continue your class if you have a goof-ball pointing loaded guns around the room and then have you not do anything about it?

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    You were more than generous by waiting that long. Expectations are at the beginning of the class, safety first, be good or be gone..no exceptions.
    - Annette, NY

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    I'm about to take a CHL class. Hope we don't have any morons like this. When I'm at the range, I occasionally wonder if the guy on the other side of the partition in the adjoining lane is keeping his weapon pointed downrange.

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    I think you and your Instructors acted in the most appropriate way possible, even to the point of giving him one to many chances, I would never try and second guess you on this as you were there and not I. Please keep up the good work and I know I would not want my name on any of that guys training documentation.


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    I know that I'm coming in late on this post but I feel the need to share my opinion. Safety is paramount. Anyone in an advanced course beyond NRA Basic Pistol should have an inate understanding of safe gun handling procedures. I agree with the three-strike progressive approach but that may be too lenient as well in some instances. Given the instance of looking down the barrell of the gun this is a clear safety violation and one with intent. I would remove him from the class without refund, report the occurence to the sanctioning body, in this case the NRA, and insure that the individual is removed from the range.

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  11. It's only a shame you don't have the authority to repossess his CC license along with the certificate of completion. This guy should not be carrying.

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