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Thread: Had to Remove a Student Today - Opinions Sought

  1. I always say once a jerk always a jerk and he sure sounded like one. I thought you were very kind to this guy, I would have ejected him sooner.

  3. Quite frankly I'm a lil surprised you didn't boot him after the 1st violation, considering he already had a ccw. Definitely after the second incident. You were a lot more lenient than I would have been, there is zero excuses for failing the basic gun safety rules of which he broke like all of them.

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    What did he do..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamilaGephart View Post
    What did he do..?
    Read the original posts.
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  6. That was one dude that holstered the SAFETY Between his ears!!
    I too would have Booted him, Well Done, Sir!
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  7. I'm surprised you felt the urge to ask for opinions. You know you did the right thing. I doubt anyone with the a differing opinion could rise to your level in the industry. Keep up the good work.

  8. I 100% agree. That individual would have been removed, but without refund. I am not forgiving when it comes to safety violations, and I tell my students that up front and make sure they understand this. I put it in context for them. You can't fix stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post

    The police instructor requested he hand over the gun and step off the line. He refused. The LEO warned him to turn over the gun or he would forceably take it and arrest him. He begrudgingly gave it up. I locked the gun in the clubhouse and returned to the range to find him arguing that he wasn't doing anything wrong. Tried to tell me all the other instructors were wrong. These are well trained instructors with intuitive knowledge and extensive experience in personal protection. I believe they acted in the best interest of the club, the other students and our own personal safety (even though we all wear vests during live-fire). I refunded his money and repossessed his NRA certificate of completion. When the class ended he was escorted to the main gate, his gun was returned and the gate was locked behind him (he's not a member of this club).

    What do you think? Please provide your opinions? Did we handle him correctly.
    I'm not sure why you let him stay on the range. He was a danger to you and the others on the range. Leaving him on the range would mean that he could disrupt the class even more.
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    On the range in a live fire, no warnings, one mistake, the first. Wow. Yea, he would not have that many chances. He should wear a corrective hat.
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