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Thread: Had to Remove a Student Today - Opinions Sought

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    I think you were too lenient also, but I was not there, he was seen off the premises, good one.

    These bizarre actions? It sounds like he was getting up the courage to press the trigger!

    We have had quite a few suicides in indoor Gun Ranges here in Orlando. If your Police Officer Instructor had seen this type of action on a domestic call? Cuffed, and a 72 hour visit to a Syc ward!

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    I tell ya what. This almost happened in one of my classes recently. A fellow with no experience turned the gun to look down the barrel. (certainly made my heart jump) his question, even though it was covered prior to going to the range, was "How do I know if its unloaded." So we stopped shooting, had a seat and went through the procedure once again, with a small hint ... if you do it again, I will have to fail you.

    The whole time, I was thinking about this thread.
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  4. Handled well. Just don't ever let it go as long as it did. What you described were gross safety violations and those are absolutely intolerable as they easily result in ND's and bad real-world behaviors, to which bad behaviors were already apparent. That first gross violation would have been grounds for ejection, but absolutely on the 2nd. I've ejected non-students on a shared range before for sweeping a muzzle (thankfully of an unloaded firearm) at my students. Ticked the guy off, but he wasn't given a choice in the matter.

    I'm actually surprised you refunded his money, some might not have at that point given that the instructors' time had been utilized. The refund option is the best way to avoid backlash.

    Make sure you file a report with the NRA Credentials office on the matter that way if he tries to get a certificate anywhere else he'll have major issues if he makes similar mistakes. You'd be helping protect other NRA instructors, particularly those in your area.

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    another know it all no doubt. can't beleive it took you that long to boot him. accident waiting to happen, hopefully he don't shoot or kill a bystander.

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    Sound like this guy was a walking time bomb! Hope he is never allowed to carry a gun. He will either kill himself or someone else.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    This weekend I held the class "NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home." Saturday was eight hours of lecture, bookwork, demonstration and dry-fire exercises. I had one student who felt the need to interject his opinion on everything that was said. He was bogging us down and we couldn't keep him quiet. I was the lead instructor and had two other NRA instructors and a SWAT weapons instructor working the class as we like a one-to-one instructor/student ratio during the live fire parts of the class.

    Well today (Sunday) was the advanced live-fire exercises. Sixteen students overall and four at a time on the line (with four instructors). Then this particular student came on the line. Look out! He had much difficulty following instructions. First, we found him looking down the barrel of his loaded .45. He was warned and advised of the safety violations. A few minutes later another instructor caught him looking down the barrel. He was warned again and argued that he was not compromising safety on the firing line. Then the police trainer caught him loading the gun while pointing it directly at him. Lastly, I caught him with the loaded gun turned toward himself wiping some smudges off it. He then looked down the barrel again.

    The police instructor requested he hand over the gun and step off the line. He refused. The LEO warned him to turn over the gun or he would forceably take it and arrest him. He begrudgingly gave it up. I locked the gun in the clubhouse and returned to the range to find him arguing that he wasn't doing anything wrong. Tried to tell me all the other instructors were wrong. These are well trained instructors with intuitive knowledge and extensive experience in personal protection. I believe they acted in the best interest of the club, the other students and our own personal safety (even though we all wear vests during live-fire). I refunded his money and repossessed his NRA certificate of completion. When the class ended he was escorted to the main gate, his gun was returned and the gate was locked behind him (he's not a member of this club).

    In the event he shot himself or another student you can bet we would have been named in any lawsuit. Although we carry $6,000,000 liability insurance between us I believed that allowing him to continue presented significant liability to all involved. Ignorance at it's best. yet he's had a CCW permit for 25 years.I thought the LEO was going to choke him as he wouldn't shut up until threatened with police intervention.

    The best part was that we had another instructor teaching "NRA Basic Pistol" in the clubhouse and this occurred while he was covering handgun safety. Those students got a good look at stupidity in action.

    What do you think? Please provide your opinions? Did we handle him correctly.

    In all the years of teaching this was my first experience with such a serious issue.
    Get him the hell out-of-there, you can't have this happening when the line is live... when you reach the point of a live line, this kind of safety violations are unacceptable, pointing a weapon at someone and/or looking down the barrel... your out of here.


  8. Sounds to me like you gave him every chance. You were the one there and what the circumstances were so I can't second guess what you did but man, this guy sounds like an idiot. You may have saved someone's life.

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    You did the most logical thing, his failure to follow clearly worded instructions put everyone at risk. Good job.

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    to easy going

    After the first. Violation he should have been gone. As a retired drill instructor that behavior not tolerated at all. He put everyone at risk. My youngest daughter could tell him a thing or too

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrs25936 View Post
    My youngest daughter could tell him a thing or too
    Give her a CCW Instructor's Badge and turn her loose.

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