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Thread: Had to Remove a Student Today - Opinions Sought

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    In my classes, there is plenty of opportunity to practice safe gun handling with toy guns. (not really toys but not real guns). They must pass this flawlessly to handle real gun in a sterile room with no ammunition in the room and the real guns personally checked by me and my partner as unloaded. Then individual handling of real guns. If you don't handle the guns, real or not, safely you don't move to the next phase. Period.

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    I was in a FFDO (pistol packing pilot's) class of about 50. The FLETC (federal law enforcement training center) rules are very stringent. After about 1400 rounds over six days, a student was sent off the range as non-qualified. This occurred during his qualifying test. He violated an important safety rule which was briefed more than once. He dropped a round on the ground and bent over to pick it up. The proper procedure would have been to raise his hand and one of the line instructors would have handed him the rounds he needed from the instructor’s pocket stash. Sounds petty, but when qualifying on a course of fire that requires drawing the weapon from the holster during a timed sequence bending over places your head in a possible line of fire from others. Hard lined but that's the rules.

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    I think you did fine. When someone is told multiple times they are a safety hazard and maintains that ALL of the instructors are wrong...well sometimes you just cant fix stupid.

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    I agree that you handled it well. Because my classroom is not on the range, I teach basic pistol in a slightly different order. We go through Fundamentals, Gun handling, Operation and Safety. We then treat Blue Guns as the "real thing", practice safety and handling. Next is Operation and handling with real (of course unloaded) firearms in our sterile environment. Anyone with handling issues (Muzzle and Trigger mostly) is immediately corrected. We then go through a range briefing. During that briefing they are told what I will be looking at for safety (Muzzle Contol and Finger Off the Trigger). They are NOT permitted to place their finger on the trigger until I say they can. At several points I make it very clear that they get 1 reminder.... that's it. If they do anything unsafe after that, they fail, they are removed from class with no refund, and no retake. Harsh, yes, but not nearly as harsh as the consequences of an ND with the muzzle pointed in an unsafe direction.

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    hi , I feel you handled the situation correctly , some people know everything and are a danger , just take a ride on a thruway or parkway , when I was still instructing , I really liked to teach women [ the girls as i called them ] as they took everything more seriously than the men , he was warned repeatedly and he was violating range safety not only for himself but others around him, you did the right thing , do-not beat up on your self, spend the time teaching & training those that follow instructions, rooster

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    I've had to do this many times...You did everything right...In the beginning of all my classes. "The safety briefing" I tell the students that I can teach them how to handle the firearms. But I can't teach them something their mother and father should have taught them, common sense and courtesy. I will give you three warmings, on the third your out." and I refund their money. This always gave me control over the situation, and no one can say I didn't warn them... Hope this helps...But you did everything right.

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    Like all the guys on these forums, who've never shot a flesh and blood target, telling ME what jhp's will expand in flesh, when I HAVE shot hundreds of animals with various ccw loads and guns and I KNOW which ones expand (most dont, due to too low velocity).

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    FWIW, imo you acted 100% correctly. Based on what you described of his actions in the classroom, I (probably)would have taken him asside at the first break, talked to him, and asked him to STOP (telling him I wanted to ensure his understanding, but that in the intrest of time we needed to move on).
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  10. Sounds like you did the right thing here. As far as if he could be arrested or not, If a cop wants to arrest you then arrested you shall be. There is always some justification.
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    There is always one in every class who is the know it all, but when it affects the rest of the class is where I draw the line. I agree that it was good he was booted, but he was given too many chances. Once the safety line is crossed, sorry you are out.

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