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Thread: How to sight with bifocals

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    Thanks, old codger. This is very helpful.

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    I've been wearing tri-focals for about 10 years and had a pair of glasses made up with the "middle" prescription only. It makes the sights quite clear, but the target is a bit fuzzy. Unfortunately this isn't a very good solution for targets beyond about 75 yards, at least for me.

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    I have bi-focals and I dont have any trouble qualifying but that doesnt say too much ;) But I do have alot of trouble focusing on precision shots, I just broke down and got crimson trace laserguard for my Lc9 and sighted it in this past Sat. but let me tell you it doesnt make you a sharp shooter just gives you a little more help for the old peepers ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemendoza View Post
    Thanks for the information, guys. I'll look into all this. My brother just solved his problem by convincing his ophthalmologist to put new lenses in both eyes. The doc didn't want to do it, because there are risks and is normally performed only on old folks who really really need it, as when you have cataracts. But it worked out great for my brother. Takes a year or so for the eye muscles to get adjusted, but he is very pleased. My ophthalmologist says in 5-10 years everyone will be able to get new lenses for a grand or so.

    I think I'll go for instinctive (point?) shooting, and a laser .... but maybe look at the other options ... I wonder how instructors at Gunsight, Frontsight handle this.
    I had the beginings of cataracts and jumped at the chance to get lenses. I got accomadative lenses which allow me to focus from just beyond reading distance to infinity. Computer (laptop) and shooting are at distances that I can see. They often adjust the lenses to see better at reading distance and not quite as well at distance. I chose to go with distance and semi-close.

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