Good .22LR Pistol for Training Classes
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Thread: Good .22LR Pistol for Training Classes

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    Good .22LR Pistol for Training Classes

    I'm looking for a good .22LR pistol for my training classes. Naturally, using my .40 would make me go poor, so I calculated that I'd save money buying a new pistol and buying .22LR ammo.

    First off, I dislike the Mark III and Ruger 22/45. I'm looking for more of a combat pistol, not target pistol. I've read reviews on the Walther P22 and the reviews seem to be good. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get?
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  3. Walther

    The walther is great I use it in my classes. Plus it can be a little less intimidating to some of the smaller frame students who have never shot because of its size. (of course we all know it wont kick or anything but they dont understand that all the time)

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    P 22 Assembly Trick

    If you get a P 22 this little idea will save you some assembly grief.

    I bought a P 22 for the same reasons you stated and it works very well.

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    Also check out a Smith and Wesson 22A. I have sold a few of them and all good reviews.

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    I like the S&W 22A-1 (love mine), but it's not really a combat style pistol... The Walter P22 is a good choice to fit that requirement... My friend Steve has one and we took it to the range last week. I had no issue grouping shots at 50ft... It was flawless with a few ammo types... I liked it better than the Sig Mosquito... 2 Pennies...
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  7. Why not a good DA .22 wheel gun? It ain't like Smith and Wesson, Colt, Taurus and the rest haven't made a couple (million) of them over the last 100 years. If you can find a nice one about K frame size, it would be quite versatile as far as fitting different size hands (such as small handed women or kids).

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    I have two Beretta Neos in different barrel lengths. They have been very reliable and accurate. I am also considering trying out a Buckmark.

    By the way, if you buy a Neos, be sure you are getting the new firing pin. One of mine had the new and one had the old. They sent a pickup for the old one and repaired and returned it but it took a month or so.

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    I would check out the Taurus 9 shot revolver. A 4 inch barrel model would be really good for practice, and a lot of new shooters find the revolver less intimidating than the semi autos.

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    My friend has raved about his walther for years and he is a very critical gun owner, it's a solid industry standard

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    The Walther is $300ish here but looks to be the best for what I'm looking for. The S&W 22A looks nice too, but I am leaning towards the P22 for the shear fact that it is more of the style people will CCW. As far as revolvers, I'm not a fan of them. Thanks for all the input!
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