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  1. I'll echo everything the previous posters have stated.

    I do not have business cards, fliers, that I give out to people, because most of my business is from word-of-mouth. Making sure your students are safe, learn the material, feel confident, giving them more than expected, and teaching them things they didn't consider will make them wanting more. For instance teaching them how to shoot on while their backs is rarely taught in introductory classes, and have made my students want to take additional classes.

    Something that really helps out is I give my students my phone number, a dedicated number that is forwarded to my cell. I tell my students to call me for any questions they may have. This has helped me tremendously in getting referrals.

    Advertisement in newspapers, or on radio stations and television stations as advertisements aren't the best option in my opinion. People generally tune out advertisements in my opinion. A little known secret is to run the advertisements as stories or interest pieces. Not all newspapers, radio or television stations will do it but the majority will. This can cost more than a regular advertisement, but can get you better returns.

    Another option is to volunteer your service to journalists for interviews on shooting incidents, crime, and the politics of gun control. Be careful what you say, because it may make or break your business when the journalist decides to only run a five second soundbite after you prefaced the broad question for thirty seconds. Also, if you only provide technical advice, don't get any face time, and aren't quoted then tell the journalist you don't need your named mentioned - it may help you build a positive relationship with the media as not having a hidden agenda, or being a possible advertiser.

    You won't automatically have your phone ringing off the hook, but it will get you exposure time which is always good in my opinion.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Wearing your CCW Instructor's Badge out in public is a free option for advertisement.
    I am not a pin or badge type of guy, but NRA does have instructor baseball hats and shirts. I got a couple of students when they noticed my instructor baseball style hat. There has been some controversy about wearing anything that might suggest the probability that you are carrying. I have come to the conclusion that about the only people who would notice this would be someone looking for an instructor, law enforcement, or other trained individuals who understand and practice situational awareness. I don't think that your average citizen or bad guy fall into those categories and that most folks are walking around in condition "white".

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    Although I'm an NRA Instructor, and have use of their website for advertising, I find it limiting. Citizens don't exactly know a lot about the NRA or the great work it does. Due to my small class sizes, as well as conducting non-NRA courses also, I just wasn't getting much in he way of business using their website. This is a great one and free as well as & I've gotten most hits using this one. I also order my cards from that has other products (such as the magnetic door ads I use to advertise) that you can get with your logo. The door magnets were only $13.00 ea. (I got one for the back of my Durango) and I got 4 calls in two days. Also started my own web site (which is still a work in progress) Firearms Instruction that I mention a lot when answering a forum question that my site might have relevant info on. Once I got my (wix $4.00 mth) webstie and running I went from 1 listing on google search to at least on item on first 9 pages of google. I also had car decals for all my family cars as well as t-shirts $ 20.00 no minimum. Shop around if ya go the no minimum route on shirts. Some of the art work is better than others. When funds permit I'll be going with a good company that requires an order of 12, but are high quality and great art work. All are low cost, effective ways to spread the word.

  5. I teach the Utah concealed carry class and post classes on AR15 and I have my own website. It didn't cost much, was easy to set up and is now one of the first that pops up when folks do a Google search.

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    I taught for over 15 years and never advertised. All my classes stayed full strictly from "word of mouth" references.

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    I use my website, rack cards in local gunshops, posts in local gun forums, t shirts and and word of mouth.
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