How Do You Advertise?
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Thread: How Do You Advertise?

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    How Do You Advertise?

    For Instructors:

    How do you advertise your classes? Newspaper classifieds? Flyers? Signs (the stick in ground foamboard signs)? Radio ads?

    For everyone, how did you find out about the CCW class you took?
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    Gunshops I frequented always had a few cards layin around. But i would look into advertising on forums like this one. Dont know how much that costs though.

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    I searched the net. ;)

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    The key is to get people to remember you. So doing newspaper ads, and forum ads, and banners and flyers at local businesses are all a great idea. I have done them all, but the online ad thing can get expensive just for a course.
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    My wife found the place we went to through the classifieds. There are also some that rent booth space at local gun shows and every gun store and range that I know of in town has a place for instructors to post fliers.
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    We use email marketing to a targeted list of gun enthusiasts, fish and game clubs and LEO. The email distribution lists direct applicants to online registration. Once you've created a good size list it works very well.

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    You might want to try small flyers on colored paper (to draw potential students' eye) on the gun counters of some of the "big box" sporting goods chains, like Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Scheels, Sportsmans Warehouse, etc. Of course, it'll largely depend on how receptive the local manager is to having such items in their store.

    IF you offer women-only classes, make up a separate flier, print it on different colored paper, make the women-only notation a large bolded font near the top instead of buried at the bottom. There are many days lately I see more women at the handgun counter than men. Many I've spoken with say they're reticent to take a class with a "bunch of men who've been shooting all their lives" (their perception, right or wrong) or would be less likely to ask questions because they didn't want the "more experienced" (again, their perception) men to roll their eyes or scoff.

    Iowa became a "shall issue" state as of 1/1/11, so lots of first-time gun handgun purchasers are going to these stores, and at least for us the managers have been pretty good about putting out the fliers at no cost. Some don't want fliers littering their gun counters (which we fully understand) but will allow you to post fliers or small informational signs on the bulletin boards at the front of the store. Just be aware that some of the bigger stores have their own teams (or a formal arrangement with a transient team that goes state to state) that teach carry permit classes, so they're not too keen on putting up a competitor's information. Talking to the store manager can lead to good things.

    We've tried newspaper ads with varying degrees of success. We're moving away from advertising upcoming classes with an expensive three-day run (with no guaranteed position) to a weekly "Professional Services" type ad grouped with others into a larger half-page type spread that's in the same position every week. We had great success with that type of ad for our (main) computer repair business, so we're crossing fingers it'll work for the gun classes too.

    As far as my own training goes, I found a great instructor through my FFL dealer. Word-of-mouth is usually some of the best (and cheapest) advertising out there.

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    Twice a year I give a free handgun 101 class, I'm usually busy after those!!! Get friendly with you gunshops..

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    Im a walking advertisement, if you met me or one of our employees, you will prob end up with my business card or a flyer in your pocket... even if they are an anti-gunner =)
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    I'm working on making a business card and flyers now. Unfortunately we don't have many gun shops here so I may have to go around to some outlying cities or to Jacksonville maybe. I appreciate the input so far.

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