Front Sight Training School in Nevada.
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Thread: Front Sight Training School in Nevada.

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    Front Sight Training School in Nevada.

    I was hoping to get some professional feed back regarding the Front Sight Training school in Nevada. I've been thinking about saving up enough scratch to go to a place like this and I like what the web site says but some of it sounds kinda gimmicky. Thanks

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    I live in vegas and went to front sight about two months ago. I took the 4 day defensive hand gun training. It was a great class and recommend it for anyone who owns a hand gun.

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    I have two friends who are lifetime members and love it. I was impressed by the slick promotions and had planned on getting a membership until I spoke with a customer of mine who is a former Marine weapons instructor. He attended the school with the intent of becoming an instructor and said he was asked to leave after pointing out their range safety shortcomings. I've since heard others mention their lack of range safety - too many beginners on the range with not enough instructors. So...I'm glad I didn't drop the money. I've found an instructor near me who is reasonably priced. In retrospect, a lot of the claims made by front sight seem to be hype. If you just have to go, look around the internet for discounted course certificates - there seem to be a lot of them for sale.

  5. would love to go there

    I just cant afford it..

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    Try Gunsight in Arizona

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    all I know is that if you get on their mailing/phone solicitation list, you may never get off ;)

  8. Greetings those who would like information about Front Sight! I first heard about Front Sight about 3 years ago on the Alex Jones show. I really wanted to get my CCW and thus was very intrigued. The more I heard and read the more I was interested. I went on all the CCW forums and ONLY found positive feedback from those who had gone. I decided to take up one of the offers and became a life member. I received a Kel tec 9mm and enjoyed a lifetime membership. Well,things came up and I couldn't physically get there for 2 years...Did I mention the fact that I live in Illinois.

    This year my wife and I went. It was fantastic! The instructors are topnotch and believe it or not..they are very family friendly. The day we were there in June, there had to be over 300 people from every race, gender, and age. One older lady had her gun and magazine taped to her walker! Well, what about safety...No issue...everywhere I turned...Front sight breathed safety. You were not allowed...repeat...NOT allowed to point the muzzle of the gun in any direction that was not on a target. You were not allowed to have a hot chamber of course when you were not on the actual firing line with specific commands.

    It was great and I learned a lot. I HIGHLY recommend front sight. It totally lived up to my three years of planning and the memberships that I purchased. I'll be happy to field any questions about front sight that you have. And no..I do not work for front sight. I had my Utah and Florida CCW permits before I ever went to front sight.

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    I took my first class in May of this year. It was solid training, and I'd particularly recommend it for someone who has never taken a class, hasn't had any training in a while, or has never touched a firearm. I have mentioned before that if I were going to send my wife somewhere, Front Sight would be it. If you're a Seal, experienced SWAT team member, or someone else who has a ton of experience, I'd suggest going to see about their teaching techniques rather than hoping they'll shrink your 2" groups at 25 yards. They really have it down to an art.

    I have NO idea what Piscator is talking about regarding safety and in doing all my research, never saw a similar complaint. The closest I ever discovered was one of their old instructors, who is running his own school, mentions that the method of chamber check he used to teach (and I believe Front Sight uses...hard to tell from his description) has some problems, but he didn't elaborate on what his new method was. They're also up front and all incidents are available on their site...and it's not bad considering the sheer number of students they go through. I saw that other schools have accidental shootings, but tend not to mention them, so comparing numbers is difficult.

    The biggest thing about going is probably attitude. If you go in looking to dislike it (which a lot of people seem to do), you'll find things to pick on...whether its their stance, grip, or some other item...never mind that they're not jamming it down your throat as The Way, they just ask you to try it and a lot report that they end up liking it. If you have a good open attitude, you'll probably have a great time. One police instructor (who was amazing to watch shoot) in my class probably could have given the instructors pointers, but he still had a great time and great attitude in the class.

    Other complaints seem to be that they'll try to indoctrinate you to Scientology, or repeatedly try to sell you memberships. The only mention of religion was a pair of Born Again Christians I happened to sit near during lunch, and the 'hard sell' is a video playing during a lunch which you're free to ignore, or not even be there (although it is the most comfortable air conditioned room around).

    Recall that the 4 day handgun course they teach is most of what you'll ever see reviewed...sort of their bread and butter course, and it's very regimented to getting shooters up to speed safely...try to muck with that, and you'll probably not get a very warm welcome. They do offer more advanced courses, but I've seen very little about them as the number of classes and attendees is comparatively low. Personally, I learned a lot, but would have liked a little more attention...I think I was too 'good' compared to the beginners so didn't get the 1 on 1 help that would have sped up improvements to my grip and trigger control, but I DID learned what I needed to by the end of the class, just not in the first day or so that the individual attention would have accomplished.

    As for cost, it's very easy to find certificates to go for MUCH less than the listed price...I don't think anyone ever pays list price. My grand total for the trip, not counting ammunition and gear, came to around $200 a day for the 4 day class...that includes gas to drive about 900+ miles each way, stay in hotels, eating out every night, ordering food to the school each day, certificate, and 'background check' combining with a friend would drop the per day cost quite a bit.

    The course also did change in the past year, so older reviews may be a little off. No more night shoot (that was deemed too difficult to run safely given the increasing number of new shooters in the course), and no more turning targets (supposedly to make it less stressful, but I'm thinking the cost of building turners into all the new ranges they've build was getting expensive). There were a LOT of people in my class who chose not to even attempt the graduation test, so maybe there is something to the turning targets not being all that necessary or desired by an increasing number of their students.

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    I have been to Front Sight 5 or 6 times, they have always been safety consious. I haven't been to any other training facility so I can't compare it to others. I consider the training that I received to be top notch. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable. I am a life time member so I will definitly be going back. So far I have taken the handgun and shotgun courses.

  11. Well...I have a diamond membership...I studied Frontsight for about a year before I purchased it. Everyone I talked to that had gone, found it to be very good to excellent. I took the plunge. Then due to personal circumstances, I couldn't get away. Finally, this year my wife and I attend the June 2 day defensive handgun. What a great experience! I am so glad I had my memberships. It was well worth it. Great instructors and a great diversity of participants. Very very safe. The instructors and personnel did not let ANY unsafe behavior go on. I highly recommend frontsight and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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