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    Personal Protection Class - USA Carry Participants

    Many thanks to those who attended our two-day personal protection class on 6/25 & 6/26. Five USA Carry contibuters were among the students and all did an exemplary job. As with many who take their first PP class, moving and shooting are the toughest drills to master but by the end of the class all students were on the money. I believe these students will enjoy a greater degree of confidence after seeing their own improvement over two days. Thanks again everyone.

    All USA Carry contributors receive a 55% discount on our classes. For more information contact [email protected]

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    Great Class

    Great class. I had a wonderful time. More importantly I learned allot. I feel much more sure of my skillset now if I had to use to them than I did before the class. The student to Instructor ratio was nearly ideal.

    Bob taught in a very relaxed manner. I never felt nervous or excited to do a drill. He corrected mistakes in the drills without making me feel stupid or a rank begineer. The class was a ideal course to take before moving onto other combat handgun courses.

    Withouta doubt I would tell anyone within tbe commuting area to take this class when he gives it.


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