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    Think about getting some formalized self defense firearms training, scenario driven. Real self defense situations do not include perfect weather, great lighting, a target or agressor that stands still. If you really purchased this weapon for self defense, you need to train for situations and yes, get that muscle memory, learn how to overcome your body's reaction to stress, etc. No one has learned it all, on going course of training, practice as much as you can find time for and the money for (lets face it, ammo is expensive). You are truly never completely ready......

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    I make it a habit of hitting the range at least once a week for static tuneups and then hitting one of the action events to push it a little more. You'll find me out in any weather - I don't change my practice because it's raining, snowing, or 100+ degrees. I'm out in it. I save up and attend training at least 4x a year with one of the mainline (Tier 1) outfits. This way, I get to learn more and get pushed as well as gain more to bring back to the students.
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    Dryfire means more than live fire, mostly. Try some AirSoft shooting, with something that closely replicates your real gun. I recommend dryfire and gun handling daily, until you are really, really good with that pistol. The slowfire group shooting is meaningless for defense. it's the really fast stuff, inside 5 yds, and the hand to hand skills, inside 5-6 ft, that matter.

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