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    Quote Originally Posted by jsdjeanne View Post
    Hubby & I were going to range, the AR-15 was to be scoped in; it had the
    .22 chamber in it, he changed it to the .223. Then he asked me what I wanted in it (gun was an anniversary gift from him) and I said .22. SO, he was changing it back to .22, racked it and BLAM!! Shot out the french door pane leading to dining room, never did find the bullet. He said he cleared it (I remember him doing so) but he did not do a visual check...or he wasn't paying attention. Took gun outside later (after I cooled off some) and shot it, on the 10th round it jammed. All this to diligent!! Anybody have a problem with the conversion kits jamming on the AR-15? Many thanks, Jeanne
    Its hard to find a company that makes a good conversion kit for the AR platform. From what I understand, and I am not a gun smith or builder, I guess it all has to do with the gas tube and the .22 round not having enough pressure going through to make the bolt go back far enough to eject the spent casing. From what I heard if you convert it to the "gas piston" it helps with that issue. I have never used a conversion kit myself this is just what I have heard on the subject so I would defiantly do your research on that before you waste your money. COLT and BUSHMASTER make a .22 Chambered AR-15 rifle and I hear they work absolutely phenomenal. You might just want to invest the money in something like that. It has every aspect of the AR, the charging handle, forward assist, its the same size, same weight, barrel the same length, the mag is the same size, just fitted for the .22 on the inside. So you wouldn't be getting away from the feel of the AR and it would probably save you hours of aggravation and a little money in the long run.

    As far as the accidental discharge. Well, I have been a firearms instructor for a long time and I swore that would never happen to me. Then one day it did. I was helping a buddy with some trigger work on his pistol, we had two pistols out, he wanted one trigger to feel like the other one, so I checked and made sure they were both unloaded, was racking the slide, pulling the trigger on one, set it down, picked up the other and did the same, well he thought I was done so he put the magazine back in one of them, when I picked it up and racked the slide, boom. Whole in the wall. Now, that was from complacency. I should have picked up on the sound of the round chambering, and the weight of the gun being different, but I didn't. It happens. It happens to the best of us, what saved my ass is I followed the rule and always followed it over and over again and that is "make sure the firearm is always pointed in a safe direction". Because it did go off accidental I only had to repair a wall, and not a human. Anyways I hope this helped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaGuns View Post
    I have never had an issue on my CMMG .22 conversion kit. Fires everything just fine. I only use blackdog mags too.
    CMMG makes one EXCELLENT product. My buddy got the 9mm in the AR Platform, shot absolutely beautifully! CMMG is the ONLY manufacturer that got it right. Everyone else who made a 9mm in AR platform it was a horrible disaster.

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    He "racked" it and it went "boom?"

    Either he pulled the trigger or your AR conversion kit is seriously in need of replacement or repair.

    The fireing pin is a floater not a spring loaded pin. It has too be hit by the hammer to discharge the weapon, thus your system is either broken or he simply pulled the trigger not "racked" the charger to load the chamber of the weapon.

    So, either the conversion kit is junk or your husbund pulled the trigger on a loaded weapon or your disconnecter and spring are in need of replacement.
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  5. Dear All,
    Yes, I forgot to put in thread, he was racking and 'dry firing' while the .223 was in the AR, but when he replaced the .223 with the .22, he did not realize it was hot. So KA-BOOM it went. I thank every one of you for your comments, there is a lot to learn with guns and looking forward to learning safety first. It was a stupid mistake, and very thankful one of the dogs or I was not the end result of a .22 gone astray. Got the pane fixed, shutter will be fixed, hope he learned a lesson. Good to know it has happened with seasoned shooters as well. Could have been sooooo much worse! Be safe out there!

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    I would suggest that you inform your hubby that you will not shoot with him untill he attends the same weapons course that you have gone to. I would make him understand that you want this to be a family sport but it is a good idea for the 2 of you to be reading from the same page and from the same type of training. You can also tell him that he will never know what type of prize he can win in competition with you after he completes the training course. LOL
    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40 View Post
    Nobody hit with the round, round did not make it to a neighbors so as to get police involved. Again, nobody hit with the round. There are many, many, many people every year wounded or killed the very way your hubby negligently discharged the firearm. ...Perhaps it would be best to take even just a flipp'n minute to ponder that thought before worrying about jams!!!!!!!
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