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    How To Become an Instructor

    I would love to become a firearms instructor. I have had my concealed weapons permit for 11 years now. I have been an advid hunter ever since I was a kid. I was raised around guns and taught the proper way to handle them. Now I would like to teach others.

    Could someone tell me how to go about doing this?

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  4. After you get your Pistol instructors crt.... Then what to be a CCW instructor. in the state of Mo.

  5. After you get the NRA certification you just contact the Sheriff in the county you want to teach in. They should add you to their list f approved instructors then. The NRA Basic Pistol Classs will work for the classroom portion but MO requires live fire also. I think they just updated it to 50 rounds semi-auto and 50 rounds revolver.

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    I wonder why the GOA doesn't certify firearms instructors.

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    It really depends on the State you reside in. Nevada accepts NRA Basic Firearms Instructor coarse combined with the Personnal Protection Outside the Home. Texas you have to take the coarse from the Texas Department of Public Safety.​instructor.asp Would be a great start and Good Luck.
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