good insrtucter in midwest MN
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Thread: good insrtucter in midwest MN

  1. good insrtucter in midwest MN

    Hello, new here, but wanting to know good info on firearm instructors in central Minnesota. AWAY from the cities, looking for a reliable place close to St. Cloud to teach me and wife how to use handgun. Please help.

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    It's a bit of a drive but I went to Bills Gun Shop in Robbinsdale and had my class with JT Cross. He is an excellent instructor and brings a lot of experience as a trainer and LEO to the class. It was worth the drive in my opinion.

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    I do classes in Monticello - not far from St. Cloud. E-mail me at: [email protected] or call 952-891-1537 and we can discuss exactly what you need or want. I guarantee I can make you and your wife much better shooters with a 1-hr. lesson for each of you.

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    bills gun shop and range in circle pines ask for clay brisbon he is elcellent tell him hi friend dave in the wheelchair sent you

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