Expenses? Vendors/suppliers?
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Thread: Expenses? Vendors/suppliers?

  1. Expenses? Vendors/suppliers?

    I just applied for my CHL instructor license in Texas. From what I understand, it could take several weeks before I hear back with a class date to attend. I would like to start preparing beforehand so I can be ready to teach immediately when I receive my license.

    Can you all tell me what kind of expenses to expect as an instructor besides the fee you pay for your license, printing costs and a projector? I will be teaching at a classroom in a gunrange and will probably include water and a few snacks. I already have a digital camera and know that I probably need to get a portable photo printer for the 2x2 photos. What else should I expect? I am fairly certain in Texas there are no fees that have to be paid to the state for each license anymore.

    Also, I would like to have other items on a table available for sale during my classes, like t-shirts/caps with my logo, tactical pens, pepper spray, etc. Not too much - just a few items. Do any of you recommend any suppliers or vendors for this or do you just buy at retail and mark up a few dollars from your cost?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Make sure you get a CCW Instructor's Badge, it lets everyone know how "tactical" you are.

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    Aside from specifics, my advice is dont spend a ton on money on stuff. Get the absolute basics that you need. Things get expensive quick, and until you know how much $$ you'll be making, I would advise against blowing coin on unnecessary items.

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    I have had my Concealed Carry licensing in Oklahoma for nearly two years and due to my new baby (who just turned 1) I have yet to get off the ground myself. But one thing i know you will need is a few calibers of dummy ammo, a dummy gun is helpful as well.

    Best buy has a tiny projector for between $200 - $300 that is just the right portability. But you range may already have a projector.

    Copies depend on your location.

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    I agree on the dummy rounds and dummy (blue) gun. For the range you'll need targets, possibly backers, pasters/masking tape, black marker pens,means to hang targets: stapler and staples, stick pins or clamps. For the students who come ill prepared (and there's always at least one) you'll need extra pens, hearing and eye protection.
    For targets, dummy rounds and blue guns: Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. - Shooting Targets, Paper Targets, Cardboard Targets, Steel Targets, NRA Targets, Plastic Targets, Target Backers, Target Bobbers, Military Targets, Federal Agency Targets, Shooting Range Accessories, Weapons Cleaning, W

    As to selling stuff in class.
    I don't sell the force alternative/multipliers in class but do display them and offer sources where they can be purchased. I get mine from several sources, but if you're just getting started J & L Self Defense Products is a good source.

    I do offer my business logo shirts for sale. It's cheap advertising to have your students walking around as your billboards. Don't forget business cards and flyers, especially if you're teaching other classes than basic CCW. These can be done on the your home computer fairly cheaply.
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  7. This is what I initially calculated for my expenses:

    Projector - I got a steal on a Epson 705HD 720p projector ($300).
    Projector bulbs - I calculated how much the depreciation would cost per class.
    Portable printer - My personal printer is too big.
    NRA Instructor boards - Just in case there are tech problems.
    Board stand
    NRA Student Materials
    CD's with my own videos and supplemental curriculum.
    Video camera - to record myself to improve my class, and to record if there are any injuries.
    Notebooks and pens.

    An additional cost that isn't physical is liability insurance. I have lots of liability insurance from several different companies.

    I do not sell clothing, pepper-spray or anything like that. I'm just starting to sell my holsters, belts, and accessories I make. I will be probably sell handguns when I get my Federal Firearms License.

    Good luck!

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