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Thread: best place to recieve civilian training..

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    Quote Originally Posted by grizzerr View Post
    Suarez International Suarez International USA, Inc.
    Uli Gebhard is the instructor in your area.
    Your 100% correct Bro.! I live about 40 miles from Gabe and have trained with him a few times. His training puts places like Gunsite to shame

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    Gabe Suarez is great, if you are willing to travel Clint Smith is great. I put myself at a pretty high level, but those guys as well as Massad Ayoob are truly legends and worthy of being in the contemporary top-10 instructor lineup. Paul Castle is also good with his C.A.R. system... Shepard Humphries

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    What about ky or Ohio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm6680 View Post
    What about ky or Ohio?
    Suarez International USA, Inc. - Search

    Suarez International USA, Inc. - Search
    Hi-Caliber Training & Tactics
    "Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready."- Theodore Roosevelt

  6. In lieu of starting a new post I am looking for the same but, in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Thanks

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    Unless you are active duty military, you are a civilian.

    Both of these schools will schedule classes in other areas. I am a graduate of AFTT, and would seriously love to take classes with Middlebrooks. Just have not yet had the time and money together...

    American Firearms Training And Tactics (AFTT): Arizona small arms training for enthusiasts, professionals and law enforcement with handguns, shotguns, rifles and sub-machine guns.
    American Firearms Training and Tactics (A.F.T.T.) is a professional small arms training source. A.F.T.T. offers a comprehensive training system utilizing the best techniques from around the world. Maximum results are acheived in minimal time and at an affordable cost. Training is provided for all types of small arms including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, precision rifles, and sub-machine guns. Our students are trained to control their immediate environment with proper tactics for the given weapon reducing the need to use deadly force. Please review further details about AFTT, our courses, our calendar, and our catalog.

    Tactical Shooting Academy - Home
    D.R. Middlebrooks – National & World Champion Pistol Shooter

    Founder of the FIST-FIRE® System of Self Defense Shooting

    D.R. Middlebrooks has over 30 years of experience as a Firearms Designer, Custom Gunsmith and Professional Firearms Trainer. Unlike most firearms trainers whose qualifications to teach are merely a list of classes they’ve attended, D.R.’s shooting accomplishments* and those of his FIST-FIRE® Instructors** prove that his methods work and he knows how to impart that knowldge to others. Tactical Shooting Academy - BIO
    NRA Certified instructor: handgun, self defense, CRSO (retired 2017)

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    I've heard good things about Sig Academy. It's in NH.

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