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    How and what do you need to become a firearm instructor in the state of Ky

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    I found this with a basic, quick Google search using the keyword phrase concealed handgun instructor for Kentucky:
    Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice Training

    Then there's this one: Kentucky State Police: Concealed Deadly Weapons

    There's also this link - - but it seems to be the KSP's Rules/State Code with regards to Concealed Carry. A quick skim of the document doesn't specify the criteria for becoming an instructor.

    I'd suggest you start at the first site and ask questions via their email link. If nothing else, give them a call on the telephone.

    I know that doesn't directly answer your question, but I don't live in Kentucky - love Louisville and the rest of the state, tho! - and can only view The InfernalWebz for information.
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    Pretty much a 2 day class you also must have your ccdw permit to become an instructor if you are in Louisville look up bluegrass gun range they provide the classes or just search online they have an instructors list I believe you must take it from a master instructor class price is usually 150-250 mostly class room stuff teaches the instructors view of ccdw class and a shooting qualification at the end

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    I teach the class near Louisville.The 2 day class begins April 20th
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    and what and how do you become a intructor in minnesota i go to the dnr site and nra site and not much help can someone help me there too please

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    Not sure about other certain in your state but if you take and pass any NRA instructor class you are a certified instructor in which ever discipline you took

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    Also the phonex state university certification is valid in all states and can be done all online

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