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    I have to little girls that loved to learn about guns and shot them too. My oldest came to me about a month ago and told me guns are for boys. She knows her mom shoots all the time, I went and got videos of female shooters and sat down with her and watched them. When I go to the range she has to go cuz she is to young to stay home, she is really excited & gets all set up to shoot but then she walks away saying that she is a girl & girls dont shoot guns. I dont want to force anything on her but I know she want s to do it & its her friends are telling her that girls dont shoot. Any suggestions on how to convince her that its ok for girls to shoot?

  3. Have mom take her shooting lie and have the mom say" it's take your daughter to the shooting range day "..

  4. There is no reason to lie just tell mom that shooting is a very important skill everyone especially girls should learn. Who knows she may need those skills in the future. Take your wife out shooting along with your girls. She might just enjoy it.

  5. I'm with justxboxin, If mom likes shooting, have them make a girl's range day together. Have mom invite more female friends. If she sees other femailes that she can look up to and relate to, she'll realize shooting isn't a just a boys sport. Most beginner girls that I've known to try shooting, are better than the beginner guys I've seen. Good luck!

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    Just tell explain to your daughter that other than the whole "Birds and Bee's parts of life... there is nothing that's just for boys or for girls... Sporting activities are for everyone.

    I have a little girl as well. She's still way too young to go shooting, seeing as we just had her 2nd birthday, but once she's old enough she'll learn how to shoot... whether she enjoys it and takes it further than learning the basics is up to her... but she's going to learn the basics and learn to respect firearms.

  7. Find out who told her that guns were just for boys and give him a good talking too. If anything guns are for girls. I have three beautiful daughters and they are all very involved in shooting. My wife and I both stress this with them. In fact, I would be very comfortable with my girls getting CCW's when they are 21. If a 21 year old boy is attacked, they probably just want his wallet. If a 21 year old girl is attacked....

    My middle daughter was terrified of guns. She was never one for loud noises.

    With a confirmed empty firearm, i showed her how to safely hold it and we went over the safety rules slowly. It helped that her big sister was there and was very comfortable around firearms.

    In no time, she was at the range and really enjoyed herself. Now, when it's time for Daddy-Daughter-Date-Night, she wants to head to the range. She has her own Marlin 60 and also shoots a Phoenix HP 22A that I have. She attends appleseed shoots with me all the time and really enjoys it.

    Moral of the story, ease her into it at her own pace.

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    I didn't care for guns when I was younger. My Mom taught me to shoot, but it wasn't something I particularly looked forward to. Once I got older and needed to feel secure and like I could protect myself, I got into it again. I'd say teach her the basics and don't worry. She'll come around if it's something right for her.

  9. I have 11 & 14 yo girls that both love to shoot, and here's what they say:
    First, find out who is trying to influence her. It could even be a teacher. If it is her friends, that's gonna be hard to beat. If they have friends that come from anti-gun homes it could be from that. Second, try to get them into "shooting girls" websites. Get her some "cute shooting stuff" (my girls words!).
    My girls don't have a mother around but I agree with the entire family (including mom and dad) hitting the range together. They see that mom likes shooting too that may make a difference. But if she continues to balk, don't make her or she may just resent it more.
    Hope that helps some.

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    Get a book or movie about Annie Oakley and just leave it lying around.
    See if there is an Appleseed Shoot in your area.
    If you have 4H in your area they should have a shooting program for kids.
    Ask around the range for other young girls that shoot or programs that include girls.
    You might want to figure a way to get her interested in the female Olympic shooting sports, this might be a place to start Junior Shooters Converge in Colorado for National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships | USA Shooting

    Kids get dumb ideas in their mind. It's their job! A gentle program of awareness will wake her up.
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    A boys sport? Think again.
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