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  • Home Sleeping

    21 13.73%
  • Convenience Store

    78 50.98%
  • Bar

    16 10.46%
  • Bank

    3 1.96%
  • Other

    35 22.88%
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Thread: Poll: Most dangerous place you can be?

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    Real simple if you expect the police to protect you, you are already dead. Every person in this country smart enough to actually make living should be armed 100% of the time. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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    I don't believe there is any one place worse than others. The way society is going it could be anywhere any time.

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    The mall parking lot with arms full of Christmas gifts. After battling the other panic stricken shoppers, you enter the danger zone.

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    Actually, any parking lot. Three of the four times I have been at the wrong end were in parking lots. Bar, hotel, and next to a shop I had at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellyfat View Post
    thank you. ive had several altercations in convenience store/ gas stations. had one with a guy who was waiting for me to exit the store. i was not armed .
    but the store securuty took care of him. thats when i decided to get a gun and a permit. ps. never been to detroit and never will. memphis tn. was bad enough
    The "village" in Memphis TN (My old "hood"), is actually one of the top "FIVE" most dangerous neighborhoods in America. My mom still lives there; and I wouldn't ever get to see her if I had to go unarmed.

  7. I have to agree with you. I instruct in an urban area, which is known for it's gang violence, drugs, and prostitution.

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    In the local news armed robberies are on the rise, gang violence is at the head of this trend....

    AKA gang shootings that no one seems to know who shot whom... they were in their car, on the street, some parking lot someplace just hanging out, at the C store, in the park...

    Street Violence is in the local rag daily, heaps of "armed robbery on the street" but most stories indicate the victim was out and about around the 03:00 time of the evening...

    A few more were during daylight hours, a large increase of drive by robberies too, where a car drives up, driver shows a gun and demands money...
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    true that sheldon crime is up in my area too which is why i recently decided it would behoove me to dust off my ol gun and learn how to defend myself with it not just at home but carry it with me where i go so i'm learning well and fast that by time i get my permit i will be comfortable carrying it as a defense tool carried on my person where ever i go that law and place will allow
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  10. Convenience store is my choice and also my neighbor's (a LEO) who's always preaching
    "citizen safety." He says when pulling up to a convenience store, sit in your car
    (motor running) and take a minute to observe what's happening inside. Scan the aisles,
    is the clerk behind the counter? Listen to your "inner self" and haul ass if something
    doesn't feel right.

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    Depends on geographic location; Inner city, suburbs or country.

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