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  1. Starting out...

    I have fired a handgun in about 25 years. I will be going to the local range to rent some guns to get some practice in before deciding which gun to buy and conceal carry. My question is should I start out with a .22 or a higher caliber?

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    Since you are selecting for concealed carry, start with a 380.

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    Start with a .22, lite recoil, minimal muzzle blast and economical to shoot.

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  5. Starting out...

    Everyone is different when I got my first gun I got a .380 because it conceals really well . The lcp was tiny hurt to shoot ... Color came off easy , didn't like it basicly : then I sold it and payed 100$ more for a .38 spl plus p 5 shot . I love it so much more fun to shoot and it thumps don't rip you hand apart . Bigger bullet also

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    Start with whatever feels comfortable to you and that you can shoot accurately. If it isn't comfortable, you won't carry it. If you can't hit the broad side of a barn, it won't do you any good. A .22 you can carry and use to hit something is much better than a .45 at home in the desk.

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    Start with a .22 to get started and work on technique/accuracy. Then as a totally separate bit of research, pick a larger caliber (like 9mm) and start trying all of the rentals they have to see what feels good in your hand. I suggest the 9mm as they will likely have a good selection, in my LGS .380 not so much. You can then move up to .40 and .45 and experiment. Try the Glocks, Rugers, M&P, and S&Ws. Try a 1911 and striker fired. If they have one also try a SIG.

    Don't rush your self into picking something NOW. Take your time and enjoy the journey of discovery.
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    If I may beg to differ. If you are starting to carry I would start with the 9mm. The recoil is manageable for everyone and it is cheaper to practice with because ammo is cheaper than everything but the. 22 . The. 22 is ok for target practice if thats all you doing. I would not carry a .22 as a primary defense weapon. Yes they will kill but you have to place your shots well to do so. The 9 is minimum I would carry if I only had 1 gun. If you can buy more then yes look at the. 380s and. 38s and even the. 22s but if your starting out with one start with the 9mm there are all kinds of sizes and shapes and budgets but don't get cheap on your primary defense weapon. Welcome to the gun world. Pratice practice practice. And remember. Practice does not make perfect . Perfect practice makes perfect.

  9. Thanks everyone!!!

  10. Starting out...

    Happy picking what helped me out in picking out a revolver for carry is just watching YouTube videos and researching online : the little .380 hurt my hand this .38 is like a cannon it is a thump ... I like it lol

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    Starting out...

    Since you have the base knowledge of having fired a handgun before, albeit 25 years ago, you can start with a larger caliber such as a 9mm. If you're more comfortable with a .22 to get your bearings then go with that. It has been said before in this thread enjoy the journey. Try all kinds and types then make your decision.
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