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    Drive a clunker and no one will want it.
    But, I wouldn't want it either... :-)

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    I'm really surprised at the responses here. As an instructor and CCW it is kind of frigtening as to some of the machismo here. I am generally a "refuse to be a victim" type of guy. I pay good money for full coverage insurance so if you want my truck enough to shoot me have it. Give me a week and i'll have a brand new one just like it. Some may say this is "cowardly" or whatever have you but really there are only 4 ways this can go:

    1. I get out and the person shoots me anyway, crappy but unlikely.
    2. I get out and confront the person, a shootout ensues and lets say I win. Lovely, I just shot/possibly killed someone and will likely have HUGE legal expenses not covered by insurance, my truck will likely be impounded as "evidence" presuming the shooting was in its direction and there are holes in it.
    3. I get out engage the carjacker and lose - I die over a truck.
    4. I get out hands up he gets in drives away does his thing my truck is in Mexico within a couple hours and the insurance company is paying off the note and I'm off to buy a new one...

    In my opinion defending property, especially insured property isn't worth a deadly force encounter. This response of course presumes I am the only person in the vehicle...

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