CCW laws of Oklahoma "no carry" signs
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Thread: CCW laws of Oklahoma "no carry" signs

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    CCW laws of Oklahoma "no carry" signs

    ok... so the way I understand the law in Oklahoma, (Im from Texas btw)

    “No Firearm” signs in Oklahoma have no force of law

    unless they are posted on property that is specifically mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry.... (bars, government building, schools, etc)

    if there are no legally binding "no carry" signs in Ok, does this mean that no establishment in OK has the authority to prevent you from entering with your concealed weapon... obviously they can still ask you to leave if they discover your armed.

    if the above is not true what are the legally recognized signs that owners can post to prevent CCW holders from entering with their weapon?

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    in OK and LA both any no gun sign even this gunbuster is enforceable to CHL holders, a good thing to keep in mind if you travel

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    Please define "enforceable"... enforceable as in Oklahoma considers that a legal sign to prevent me from carrying or enforceable as in the owner can ask me to leave?
    (obviously they can ask me to leave if they dont want me in there)

    I want to be sure as I have gotten 2 different answers in 2 different places to this question.

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    and could you also please give the penal code regarding this so I can look it up via Oklahoma's database? I've tried searching and cant find anything specific

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    Oklahoma Self Defense Act, in particular TITLE 21 § 1277
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    Oklahoma Self Defense Act, in particular TITLE 21 § 1277
    Just in case someone else searching the net finds this thread. The fact is, signage in Oklahoma do not have the force of law, at least not directly relating to a firearm. It is more a trespassing type of thing (only if you refuse to leave), kind of like a no shirt/no shoes policy. This should never affect a concealed carrier. The pertinent excerpt from the law is:

    TITLE 21 § 1290.22

    D. The carrying of a concealed or unconcealed firearm by a person who has been issued a handgun license on
    property that has signs prohibiting the carrying of firearms shall not be deemed a criminal act but may
    subject the person to being denied entrance onto the property or removed from the property. If the person refuses to
    leave the property and a peace officer is summoned, the person may be issued a citation for an amount not to
    exceed Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00)

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    Any private land owner can ask you to leave.

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