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Thread: Where to start?

  1. Where to start?

    I would like to become an instructor, but am lost on how to actually start. I was told to take the NRA training classes. Past that Im lost. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Go to this NRA link, Look at colum on right. its shows all NRA Instructor classes you can take. Pick one or all you want, put inzip code and it will show you classes and dates and cost. Left colum is for just NRA class. If need more info let me know @[email protected]
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  4. Thanks for the link. I do have a question. I first go and take the class. I assume there is a testing procedure to become "official". Is that done during the class or after the fact?

  5. It all depends on the class chiroman, Most Training Counselors will hold the class, then the instructor portion. This isn't always the case. It will depend entirely on the Training Counselor doing the course. I would find a Training Counselors in your area and ask these questions directly to them.

    As far as testing is concerned you must pass all written and verbal tests with a 90% or higher. You will be required to do a written test along with a lot of group speaking.
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  6. You will almost certainly have to pass a range pre-qualification (demonstrate knowledge of the basics of semi-auto and revolver handling, loading/unloading/clearing jams, and shoot pretty decently (criteria seem to vary a bit--my prequal required 80% in a 6" circle at 17 yards, and some high proportion of those within 3").

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