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    This is a service your offering to the public that takes your time. Illinois has a 16 hour requirement for classroom training & range time. No one "jumping in" because on one in Illinois has a current license to instructor such a course. Illinois has the most restrictions in the nation. Lets be realistic here this is not charity and will not be for everyone. I stated I considered charging $400 which is $25.00 per hour this is for creating a curriculum, which will take sometime. Having a building, advertising, insurance, incorporating your company. The additional cost is a hypothetical estimate of two hundred dollars, this is in background check, fingerprinting, fee for the license. I guess my questions is are you currently a instructor? If yes what is your states requirements? Did you write the curriculum? Are you incorporated? Do you carry insurance? Thanks for you comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    Sounds to me as though your just trying to grab "a slice of the pie" to me.
    You want to rake in the dough, not help your fellow gun owners out.

    If you don't already have your license to teach the course, you are not going to just "jump in" so you can charge exorbitant amounts of money.

    Good to see that people are there to help out all those who fought this unconstitutional infringement, for so long just for the God given right of self defense. I mean its not bad enough that the crooks in charge have raped the citizens for SOOOO long over this. Now, everyone wants to screw the little guy just when there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel...

    $600 for a "class" and background check? Sounds to me that the legal battles are not over yet. Anyone who is looking to profit off of the misery of other less fortunate should be ashamed of themselves!
    I don't think what you propose will "help" anyone but yourself.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpm84092 View Post

    Yes, NRA does publish a textbook (booklet) for each NRA course and the instructors have the interactive slide show to teach the course with. I agree that the course should be broken up into 4 four-hour modules; probably each one with a specific theme and best spread over two days time. It will be interesting to see what the Illinois State Police come up with for required training. My personal thought is that the IL Legislature crafted a law that for the most part preserves the Status Quo - particularly for the poor who cannot afford the training costs and fees.
    This course is 16 hours in length this would be a 4 day course in 4 hour segments. This is why I feel it is fair to charge $25.00 per hour for my time.

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    $400???? WHAT? Dude, Basic Firearms Safety courses are usually around $100!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC_Man View Post
    This course is 16 hours in length this would be a 4 day course in 4 hour segments. This is why I feel it is fair to charge $25.00 per hour for my time.

    It's already been asked, but I'll ask it again. What makes you worth $25.00 an hour and your class worth $400.00?
    Not trying to be argumentative but you've got to have more to offer than an education background and whatever basic firearms instructor class required by the state.
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    Illinois Instructor CC Course

    Quote Originally Posted by grizzerr View Post
    It's already been asked, but I'll ask it again. What makes you worth $25.00 an hour and your class worth $400.00?
    Not trying to be argumentative but you've got to have more to offer than an education background and whatever basic firearms instructor class required by the state.
    Which is why I think this "guy" is being a jerk.
    IF he's a licensed instructor, which I seriously doubt he is, what on Gods green earth makes his "services" worth more than another instructors?
    I'll give you a hint.... NOT A DAMN THING!
    He's looking to rape people because he knows that to get a CCW, people will have to pay his price or continue to go without one.
    What Illinois needs is regulation to prevent this kind of behavior in the first place!
    With exorbitant prices like this guy wants to charge, only the elite or the well off will even have a chance to carry a firearm for protection.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    A $400 class to teach CC will go over like a lead balloon, IMHO

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    Currently, there are no licensed IL CWP instructors.

    As I said earlier, price is what the market will bear. The vast majority of students in a CWP course are there just to get the certificate, not to learn anything. These same students, when presented with two instructors charging different amounts, will invariably end up going to the cheaper of the two. To them, the results are the same...they get the paperwork they need.

    And no, the state DOESN'T need to regulate the pricing. First, that would guarantee they would price it out of everyone's reach, as the leadership of the People's Republic of Illinois didn't want this law passed in the first place. Second, have you not noticed what "government regulation" has done to this country the past several years? We certainly don't need more of it.

    We're a consumer society. We have free choice. If I don't want to pay $400 for a CWP course (and CC_Man, I certainly wouldn't) I won't. I'll go to whomever I think is providing the best value for the price.

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    Looks like you will be in a wait and see position until things get worked out. $400.00 may work depending on your market demographics and what other instructors in the area are charging. Only time will tell if your initial assessment is correct or not.

    Good luck.

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    First, let me say I stand corrected by GMC-photo. I believe I made a typo when I wrote that the NRA Basic Pistol Course was 6 hours when indeed by NRA rule it is 8 hours long. The NRA First Steps pistol course can be taught in 6 hours. It occurs to me upon reading what is posted so far that the question of your (CC_Man) firearms instructor credentials is being ignored. As I read the IL Bill and the FAQ on the Illinois State Police website, potential IL CCW instructors must already be either P.O.S.T Certified Firearms Instructors or be Certified as a Firearms Instructor by a Law Enforcement Agency of IL or another State. Having NRA Certification as a Certified Firearms Instructor - Pistol, is not enough. (Although, to date, you nave not claimed NRA Instructor status - and have not registered with USA Carry as a Certified Firearms Instructor.) Many States allow for somebody with just NRA certification to teach their course, but others, such as Utah, require an instructor to have been certified first, by NRA or P.O.S.T Certification, and then also by a Law Enforcement Agency. In the case of Utah, this is the Utah Department of Public Safety; Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) AND the Utah Highway Patrol (the UHP Unit assigned to BCI for certifying Firearms Instructors).

    Grizzerr also makes an interesting and very valid point. My day job pays the bills so I tend to offer discounted CFP and NRA courses because that is not my primary source of income. I am more interested in making sure that my friends, neighbors, and students, have the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude necessary to be responsible gun owners who might one day (God Forbid) need to defend themselves or others from threat of death or serious bodily injury. I too have noted that only about 20% of students are really interested in learning new self-defense skills - they go on to take additional training above and beyond the UT minumums. The other 80% are just looking for the Certification papers.

    Now, CC_Man, I have a challenge for you, The new IL law requires that one put 30 of 30 (on average) rounds onto a B-27 Law Enforcement Qualification (paper) target at 5, 7, and 15 yards. That very similar to the NV requirement, except that the shooting stations are at 3 yards, 7 yards, and 15 yards (same as the qualification shoot for FBI and TSA Air Marshal) with a score of 70%. To become an NRA Instructor, the requirement is similar, but all rounds must be put onto a 9-inch paper plate. If you are absolutely sure that you could enter a range tomorrow and shoot that qualification, then, by all means, seek out an NRA Training Counselor (Lists available on NRA's Website) to become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor - Pistol. If not, I recommend that before you proceed much further, you get with a Professional Firearms Instructor and train until you can. For what it is worth, the NRA Basic Instructor Course is 8 - 10 hours and the NRA Pistol Discipline add on is another 8 - 10 hours. It occurs to me that to become an IL CFP Instructor, you must first qualify for an IL CFP, The NRA courses referenced above may qualify, IF, they were taught by an NRA Training Counselor who is also certified by a Law Enforcement Agency (or has NRA LE Certified Trainer).

    Don't take this wrong, I am not trying to insult or denigrate you in any way. But, if you want to teach CFP in Illinois, you really do need to be a firearms instructor who is certified by an Il Law Enforcement Agency or a Law Enforcement Agency of another State. It is that second requirement that leads me to believe that there will be a whole lot of folks seeking the NRA Basic Pistol qualification locally and then traveling to Salt Lake City to take the Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor course.

    Best of luck to you,

    NRA Certified Instructor, Pistol, Rifle, PPIH, RSO
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    I have to agree with CharlesMorrison and will ad if you don't have a firearms background you just can't go out and get one. Been teaching for several years, I do it mainly because I like it not for the money. I now am an FFL because my students told me I should be selling also. They liked that I didn't talk down to them. Having an education background does not make you a good teacher.
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