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    Illinois Instructor CC Course

    I have an education background, and I considering teaching the Illinois CC Course to those seeking a CC license. Can anyone with experience give me advise on what to charge? As Illinois has more restrictions than any other state with 16 hours of training, several practice shooting at a range, background screening ect. I thought about charging $400.00 but with all the cost it could be well over $600. Illinois legislators are trying to make it difficult for anyone to have the CC within Illinois.

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    Having a teaching background does not necessarily mean that you would make a good firearms instructor, unless of course, your background in teaching is in teaching firearms instruction. From what I have learned on the IL site, to become an IL instructor you must either be law enforcement, or, be certified as an instructor by a law enforcement agency. I have thought about looking into this because my certification as a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructor comes from a Law Enforcement Agency, the Utah Department of Public Safety.

    Now, to your question. the NRA Basic Pistol Course takes about 6 hours and the instructors I know get $80 - $120 for it. Twice the course would mean twice the money. It really depends on whether your goal is to get as many of your fellow IL citizens into their permits at a reasonable cost, or make money.My own personal philosophy is that my day job feeds the cats and I teach to make as many people as possible safe, conscientious firearms owners. I teach the UT course to UT (or when I am in WI to anyone who attends) for $40 (minus discounts for NRA membership or military service or victim of domestic abuse). At that rate, I would charge $160 for the IL course. But that is just me.
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    Thank you for your response, your feed back is helpful. My concern is in order to run this as a business you will need to charge much more. First you must consider the cost of the training from the Illinois State Police, commercial space, advertising and the fact that the training is 16 hours. The training time will most likely only be effective if the class is broken down into 4 hours segments. I do agree and will take your advise on the military discount, that's something that I will incorporate into the program if I decide to move forward. The other thing that comes to mind is that you mention you teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course. Does the NRA provide you with the curriculum? If so, this would make it much easier than dedicating the time and effort creating a 16 hours of material and activities to meet the Illinois standards. I want to be fair and offer the course at the right price for everyone, but I don't what to be upside down and lose money either.

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    Yes, NRA does publish a textbook (booklet) for each NRA course and the instructors have the interactive slide show to teach the course with. I agree that the course should be broken up into 4 four-hour modules; probably each one with a specific theme and best spread over two days time. It will be interesting to see what the Illinois State Police come up with for required training. My personal thought is that the IL Legislature crafted a law that for the most part preserves the Status Quo - particularly for the poor who cannot afford the training costs and fees.
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    In Missouri CCW classes usually go for $100-125.00 for a mandatory 8 hour class, Range and classroom fees usually vary, but are usually per student. That can be included in the tuition price or as an add on. I pay $15.00 per student per day for classroom and range. Advertising in local gunshops and on local gun forums is free. Newspaper ads don't get much response so in my opinion a waste of time. My website gets a lot of views and responses, cost is $42.00 per month. An NRA LE Firearms Instructor's class is $595.00 plus your travel and ammo and it's a full week long (Monday-Friday).

    The NRA does have all the teaching materials for their courses, but they probably aren't going to fulfill the IL state requirements for CCW. MO's certainly don't. The state will most have a specified list of topics to be taught and qualification requirements that you'll have to write a lesson plan for and you may even be required to submit that lesson plan to the state for approval.

    You said you have an education background. Is any of that teaching firearms and what is your firearms experience and level of training? The reason I ask is that $400-600.00 is extremely high for a CCW class even if it's 16 hours long. My background is over 20 years LE and instructing firearms, combatives and use of force. In addition to having my own training business and also teach for an internationally recognized company. Our combat firearms classes for a 16 hour class are $400-450.00. I agree with jmp that $150-160.0 is more reasonable for a CCW class. Unless you've got something more to offer your students than an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Certification you're not going to get those tuitions unless that becomes the market price in IL and if it does I'll be coming over there to teach too.

    My point is you'r not going to make much profit much less a living teaching CCW. 80% of the students are there because they have to be and really don't care what the curriculum is as long as they get their certificate and will never take another class or even practice with their weapon, but that other 20% who want to learn to be gunfighters are the reason I teach CCW.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens in IL as for instructor requirements. Here in MO you can't hardly turn a corner without running into a CCW Instructor.
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    As with anything, what you can charge will be what the market will bear. You'll need to find out what other instructors are charging, and base your rates off theirs. You can charge more than others, but you'll need to tell your prospective students in a compelling manner why you're worth more. And, since no one in Illinois is certified to teach the course yet (just another way the state puts off the inevitable) it's going to be difficult for you to come up with a pricing structure as nobody has theirs out yet. My son lives in IL, and is currently waiting ISP out for certification.

    Valid points have been made about your education background being applicable to firearms. It's a pretty specialized field. You're also going to instructing on law, holsters, manner of dress, situational awareness, etc., etc..

    Find out what you need to know, learn it, and approach this as you would any business.

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    I don't know what the charge will be in IL. In Oklahoma the class is set at $60 by state law for an 8-hour class, also the class size is limited to 10 student per instructor. Some instructors charge less—which doesn't make sense. So hopefully, the IL legislature will not set the course price. The NRA Basic Pistol class is 8-hours (NRA rules).

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    I charge $90 for a 10 hour course in TX. I joined my local Chamber of Commerce and use their conference room for free when it is not scheduled for Chamber business. Since I teach on weekends, it is never busy. My students pay whatever the range charges for them to enter (different ranges, different prices).

    In the state of TX, every instructor must be an NRA Pistol Instructor or a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. We are also required to attend a 36-40 hour training with a range qualification using pistol AND revolver. They do not provide our curriculum. The TX law is the curriculum guide. I wrote my own course based on the training I received and spend a good deal of time on state laws, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution and Use of Force. Students are expected to know shooting fundamentals before they attend class.

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    This is great that I'm receiving all this feed back great information. Thanks

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    Sounds to me as though your just trying to grab "a slice of the pie" to me.
    You want to rake in the dough, not help your fellow gun owners out.

    If you don't already have your license to teach the course, you are not going to just "jump in" so you can charge exorbitant amounts of money.

    Good to see that people are there to help out all those who fought this unconstitutional infringement, for so long just for the God given right of self defense. I mean its not bad enough that the crooks in charge have raped the citizens for SOOOO long over this. Now, everyone wants to screw the little guy just when there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel...

    $600 for a "class" and background check? Sounds to me that the legal battles are not over yet. Anyone who is looking to profit off of the misery of other less fortunate should be ashamed of themselves!
    I don't think what you propose will "help" anyone but yourself.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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