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  1. Quote Originally Posted by VeteransCCW View Post
    Thanks Jpm, definitely will. My plan was to blog at the conclusion of each day. Trip is booked, Nov 8-11. Looking forward to it.
    I'll miss you by a few weeks. I was looking forward to competing with some members of the forum(s) I frequent.

    Good luck! Will be interesting to see/hear your take on the experience.

    I don't know exactly when I'll attend, as it depends on the return of my XD-S, and a bit of range time to get squared-away if any of the mods affect it in any way.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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    Thumbs up Front Sight- Day 1

    Good Evening Fellow Instructors,

    As promised I stated I would blog my 4 day attendance while attending Front Sight's 4 Day Defensive Hand Gun Course.

    Well I suppose for some of you this is rinse and repeat, but for the majority a little blog on Day 1.

    Day 1 -
    5:00 AM wake up call to get on the road to Front Sight from Pahrump. As you head back southeast towards Vegas the five is dark so don't do what I did and miss the turn onto Tecopa Rd. Or it's a 25 minute return trip, unless you make the first illegal U Turn, otherwise be warned.

    Over 600 students showed up for their various courses on Day 1, so if When you come to Front Sight be prepared to make some new friends.

    Class on Day one starts earlier than the remaining 3 days, but that is mostly due to all of the chalk talk, and legal forms(2) you must fill fill out. I was pretty impressed with the proficiency of the staff when arriving, presenting weapons for inspection etc. you can tell the staff has taken the time to hone their processes.

    As an instructor I wanted to experience what it was like for a green never shot a gun, beginner was going to be instructed vs. the self proclaimed experts. There are several ranges, and the range I am assigned to there is a healthy mix of beginner to the very experienced, and at no time did I feel left behind, or felt like I was singled out as a less experienced shooter. Front Sight uses the Teacher/Coach method and works extremely well for this environment.

    My day was filled with Dry Fire, Presentation, Live Fire and instructor demonstrated facilitation

    I barley have had time to eat dinner and get in a quick workout and it's 9:00 PM, and this old dog is ready for bed.

    Until tomorrow's post...

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    Smile Front Sight - Day 2

    Front Sight Day 2-

    Day 2 started with a full 4 1/2 hours on the range practicing dry fire drills, fine tuning presentation and speed. Definitely starting to feel the multiple practice draws as my hands have become raw, as well as loading without a quick loader (I know, I know)

    In addition to the above we developed skills and knowledge on the proper method of clearing Type 1, 2 and Type 3 malfunctions.

    Interestingly enough I have been on the range on hundreds occasions and oddly enough have never experienced an occasion to have to clear a malfunction, until today. Not sue if it was karma, but shortly after learning the skills above I experienced not 1 but three stove pipes. I kept saying to myself, how did they set this up

    Day two's afternoon session began with a couple of lectures covered civil and criminal liability scenarios to open up the mind to the potential of "what if", addressing multiple situational story lines that followed thru on the previous evenings discussion.

    At 2:30 we reported back to the range where we were introduced to timed target acquisition with a 2 shot thoracic exercise followed by a headshot that May or may not be indicated based on range commands.

    Our evening ended with a lecture on conceal and cover, entry tactics.

    Day three starts over on the simulator...should be another god day of learning and shooting!

    Stay tuned for Day 3 follow up...

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    Cool Front Sight Day 3

    Good evening all,

    Well day 3 started very similar to day 2, on the range which from my perspective was an absolute great day.

    Following up on the previous evenings lecture on cover and concealment we then developed skills with practical demonstration using mock ups of doorways, from there heading to the "simulator" where we were introduced to "live threats" using a live fire exercise that either neutralized the threat or in some cases a "good guy" was neutralized. The exercise was not timed however the heart rate did go up adding to the adrenaline which forced students to make split decisions.

    Today was definitely a shooters day spending the entire day on the range learning new techniques and developing additional skills such as fine tuning trigger control, and additional drills on the different types of malfunctions and the proper techniques to clear them...

    Concealed Carry presentation rounded out the last 2 1/2 hours along with concealed carry presentation and live fire exercises,

    We were warned that Day 4 would be a long day....I'll let you know

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    Thumbs up Front Sight Day 4

    Day 4'

    As warned Day was a long day, but given the level of activities the day went pretty quick.

    So many of you said you were curious about how I would finish in the Shooting Competition. For those at are not familiar shooters are randomly paired and shoot against each other at three steel targets, one of which is a "head shot" hostage simulator target placed at 7 yards, and two additional targets placed at 15 yards. On the command shooters present and shoot as quickly as possible, and the first to "kill" the bad guys without hitting the hostage (target 1 at 7 yards) you are deemed the winner of that round. Hit the hostage, you're also eliminated.

    Drum roll please.....out of 34 students yours truly made it through 5 rounds finishing 4th. I am actually pretty happy with this given this was my first time.

    After lunch we then transitioned to the final 4 day examination. When you attend Front Sight you have the ability to earn 3 different types of certificates. The exam is shooting, emergency weapons clearing, and tactical reloads, all timed...

    There three types of certificates, Certificate of Achievement, Graduate Certificate, and Distinguished Graduate Certificate. We had 1 Distinguished Certificate, 7 Graduate Certificates (me) and the rest were Certificate of Achievement.

    In Summary I am glad I attended, very challenging and well worth the time. I definitely feel I learned new skills and techniques I can teach to my students.

    Thanks to everyone for letting me blog about my experience. This was an experience that is hard to explain yet much easier to write about as it unfolds. If anyone has any questions about Front Sight and my blog over the last 4 days please send me message and I will be happy to discuss.

    Remember to press, not pull

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