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Thread: question for WA, OR, ID, MT, NC, SC, WV instructors , VERY important.

  1. No, they don't. Each instructor gets his original curriculum back and it is his forever. I suppose someone could send you a copy of theirs but since mine is 17 years old, you might like something a little more current.

  3. WA - no training requirement

    I will confirm what was stated earlier, Washington does not have approved curriculum because we have no training requirement.
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    I don't know whether this will help or not but Nebraska requires their instructor applicants to provide a certificate of completion from one of the following entities, with their application to be come a cc instructor: State of Nebraska Certified Firearms Instructor (Law enforcement only), Military Pistor Instructor, NRA Certified Pistor Instructor, or instructor in some other program meeting the same standards for instructor certification. A notarized copy of the certificate of completion from the certifying entity shall be submitted to the Nebraska State Patrol.(Our licensing agency)

    This would seem to me to be a quick way of coming up with qualified instructors for a new program such as yours.

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    Thanks for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chicagogunsmith View Post
    Does Carolina post this information on their website? DO they publish the curriculum or even publish the curriculum names?
    You may want to try contacting them-


    Concealed Weapons Permits, Security Guard, and Private Investigator Questions
    (803) 896-7015

    This is the section that may help you- SECTION 23-31-215. Issuance of permits.

    I do know SLED recognizes the NRA course. So, perhaps you can begin with a copy of their's.

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    +1 for Washington's curriculum. It's pretty good.

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