Wanting to get my feet wet.
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Thread: Wanting to get my feet wet.

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    Wanting to get my feet wet.

    Hi guys I have some questions pertaining to obtaining an instructor certification, there is some background as to why I am interested in obtaining a certification.
    I am looking to get my feet wet and become a certified pistol instructor. I live in Indiana so courses are not required to obtain a CCW permit. As well I would like to obtain a Utah CCW license as well as any other out of sate certifications available.
    So you might ask why I want to obtain an instructor license, well that occurred after a visit to the gun range with a family member. They had just finished a 600 dollar basic pistol course and self-defense course. The lack of basic safety was astonishing what we even worse was in complete inability to make contact with a half human solute at 25 feet. After I had spent an hour teaching basic technique and safety they were able to obtain a basic grouping. This invigorated me and was a very insightful tool that showed me that I really do enjoy teaching basic safety and pistol skills. The most important this is that I will know that I will have taught someone to shoot competently and not just taken their money.

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    I'd say that's pretty close to why most of us do it. I have yet to meet an instructor who makes an actual living teaching. Virginia does require a class for the CCP, but they range from real combat shooting classes at about $165 to thirty-minute ripoffs that teach practically nothing and relieve you of $50 for their trouble.

  4. thats kinda where i am as well, in wa there is no required course, but it is useful. i believe it should be the individuals responsibility to choose training, not government mandated. i discovered that i too enjoy teaching others to shoot [a year ago i bought my aging disabled mother one of those pink charter arms, got her to get her CPL, and then taught her to shoot]

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    I was from Indiana. What town do you live in?
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