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    10% is good enough for me. In speaking with a friend who used to work for the govt verifying veteran documents for forgeries he kind of laid out what I need to look for but THANKS for the link! The program is brand new and as it develops will get more refined. This is just something I began offering.
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    Thumbs up ILLINOIS Concealed Carry Training

    To answer your question: To satisfy the minimum requirement you would have to take at least the 8 hour course. However if you read the information on the ISP website you will see that the required minimum for training is at the discretion of the Instructor, at any time the instructor can make a recommendation for more training with regard to an ILCC. So for your scenario lets assume you have the first 8 house covered, you need to take the law portion and the actual live fire portion consisting of 8 hours to satisfy the minimum with the State. At we have 2 classes, those needing 12 hours and those needing 8 hours. Why? we provide additional skill building exercises into the training to make sure our students have the correct information to safely walk away confident with their new skills. We take great pride in also giving all our clients a seminar in "After the Smoke Clears" Dealing with a defensive shooting.

    Information provided in my class that others don’t provide (or can’t) is what happens when you are involved in a shooting and what can hurt you more than your application of force with a firearm. We explore this topic and answer the unknowns. How do we know this information? As the owner of TRT Solutions, I have personally been there and understand what takes place in a shooting and the subsequent investigation that follows. I have investigated numerous shootings in my career and worked with the States Attorney’s Office to successfully prosecute cases and get convictions. I understand use of force and the investigative process. Other instructors can’t comment on what is involved in a use of force event because they have never experienced, nor been involved in a shooting or investigation. Wouldn’t you want this powerful information so you will know what to do to and how to protect yourself, and your family, before an incident occurs? You will learn what do following a shooting and what you should do. You will learn what you should say or NOT SAY, who you should contact, as well as what the process is. We provide you with the facts!!!

    My back ground: I spent the last 25 years as a full-time training professional in Law Enforcement providing and developing curriculums in Firearms, SWAT and the Tactical aspect of force-on-force application and employment in the use of variety of firearms platforms. As the Training Manager, I wrote and implemented my agency’s Firearms and Deadly force/Use of Force policy and I regularly trained police officers and their agencies on the subject matter. In addition to holding certifications by the NRA and FBI, I am also a State of Illinois Master Firearms Instructor and State of Illinois Concealed Carry instructor. In addition, I have a background as a University professor at 2 distinct Universities where I teach and develop courses in Criminal Justice,Terrorism, Emergency Management, Intelligence, Security, Crisis Management and Homeland Security courses, as part of the Universities undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Be safe out there and good luck! If you need additional information please feel free to contact me.

    TRT Solutions

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    I wouldn't give the military any credit at all, from what I've seen and heard of it. Nobody in the Navy, basically, or the Air Force other than MP's get any firearms training at ALL, and same might as well be true of the other branches, when it comes to handguns.
    I give credit to all Veterans, including the ones you reject. I had one Air Force Veteran who said that he had called another instructor that wouldn't give him credit because he didn't have pistol instruction on his DD 214. Perhaps he had called you! His Air Force base in Vietnam had been over ran on five separate occasions and twice he ran out of ammo for his M-16 and had fought off the Vietcong using a Colt 1911. Maybe you and the other instructors should think about what other generations of servicemen went through before your so quick to dismiss them. Anyway I will be happy to take your rejections at Davis Covert Carry and give them the credit they deserve.

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