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    I want to correct that article, Mayday. The NRA did NOT say they will roll back their blended learning. They did say they will "FIX" or "make it right". What that fix is, we do not know.
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  3. Awake yet?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by chicagogunsmith View Post
    I want to correct that article, Mayday. The NRA did NOT say they will roll back their blended learning. They did say they will "FIX" or "make it right". What that fix is, we do not know.
    It's great news even though you feel the need to correct the writer. My guess is the NRA will give the instructors a choice between the two programs. If this needs to be corrected please let me know.

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    There is no update about fixing the blended learning part

  6. Hope this helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by cnacowboy View Post
    I am a nra trained instructor and have been thinking of going uscca. Is anyone a uscca instuctor? And who has better self defence inc. Nra or uscca?
    Hi cnacowboy,

    I am USCCA Affiliate, Certified Instructor and Training Counselor and I have their Self Defense Shield Platinum Plan insurance. The USCCA handles it's own insurance where the NRA endorses an outside organization who provides self defense insurance. I am also a Certified NRA Instructor, as well as a Certified LTC (License To Carry) Instructor for the state of Texas. I am a Life Endowment Member of the NRA.

    I will try not to get to detailed here because it would take a lot of time and space so I will touch on a couple of points and should get the general idea. I really like the USCCA as organization. They have the BEST customer service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, it is literally a pleasure talking to them. Their teaching materials include a full color, professionally bound textbook(s) and a Power Point Presentation (as a re-enforcement tool). The textbook is used for three classes, which I find to be beneficial for myself and my students. The NRA also has textbooks that are smaller, spiral bound and have some color pages in them. They work fine too. Having taken classes from both organizations, I have to say found the USCCA class(s) more enjoyable and I feel they were presented in an highly effective way. The textbook keeps up with the Power Point very well (no jumping all over the place to find what you need in the book - NRA way). Both give certificates of completion. Both are nationally recognized. I like both organizations for different reasons.

    The USCCA is forcused more on self defense, concealed carry and home defense, and of course firearms safety as it applies to each topic. They are all about individuals and their families right to defend themselves, loved ones and even strangers in any way necessary should the need arise. This includes the use of firearms. The NRA, I feel, is more focused on gun rights in general, firearms safety, sport shooting, hunter safety, educating the public on firearms and their many uses. They have been our mainstay for the 2nd Amendment form the beginning. Neither organization harbors any animosity towards the other, which is great.

    My recommendation would be for you to visit each one's website and learn more about them both. I would even call them with questions to see how they respond to having to answer questions. Did you get to talk to a representative? Did they satisfactorily answer your questions, etc. How they deal with you on the phone may also tell you something about each one. After you have checked them out, then make an informed educated decision, you may decide to do them both.

    Anyway, I hope this was of some assistance to you and wish you all the best in your endeavors and good luck to you! ...CarryOn!

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    CarryOn, when you renew your instructor's certificate with the state of Texas, do you tell them that you are certified by NRA, USCCA, or both?
    About how much does USCCA charge for their instructor certification classes? NRA isn't too bad on their prices, although I think their curriculum leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Hi carry on I have talked to to the uscca and my state of wv just started to honor the uscca. Last time I talked to them there were no uscca instructors here in w.v but a few affiliate. I am planning on becoming a uscca coach and instructor around march

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RossA View Post
    CarryOn, when you renew your instructor's certificate with the state of Texas, do you tell them that you are certified by NRA, USCCA, or both?
    About how much does USCCA charge for their instructor certification classes? NRA isn't too bad on their prices, although I think their curriculum leaves a lot to be desired.
    Hi Russ,

    When I renew, I will tell them I am certified by both. I originally used just NRA because I was not yet certified by the USCCA. However, I am in the process of trying to get the state to give fair mention to the USCCA as an example of a "nationally recognized training organization", just as they do for the NRA. They deserve a fair shake.

    Cost of the USCCA Certified Instructor Course $347 plus $250 for the two prerequisites. The prequisites are an eLearning Session (basically a review of the textbook used) and a Toolkit (contains marketing and teaching aids and materials). These prices are set by the USCCA and are supposed be the same nationwide, if they are truly teaching the USCCA's CI course. Keep in mind that this course certifies you to teach three classes, not just one. These classes are; Basic Handgun Fundamentals, Concealed Carry Fundamentals and Home Defense Fundamentals. I believe the teaching materials are superior to that of the NRA as is their method(s) of teaching. It is a three day course, normally.

    Please feel to visit my website (still tweeking it) for more information concerning the USCCA, classes, etc. and use the email address to contact and we can CarryOn this conversation. That way those who don't want to hear it, won't have to.

    Thanks for the questions and I hope I answered them in a helpful way.

    Be aware and be safe ...CarryOn!

  10. Hi Cowboy,

    If I were you I would definitely follow through with your plan. You won't regret it. The way it is worded here in Texas, in the Penal Code, they have no choice but to honor the USCCA Certified Instructor Course and it's Basic Handgun Fundamentals Course. Wording states; ...Such as the NRA or any other nationally recognized organization that certifies firearms training (may not be exact, but is very close if it isn't)... The USCCA is just such an organization. I don't know how things are worded for your state but NM words it the same way Texas does and I am working on getting certified to teach CCW in NM. If I can be of any further assistance to you Cowboy, just go to my website (still tweaking it) at, use the email address and drop me a line and I will respond. Good luck to you and ...CarryOn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maydays44 View Post
    I just read an article on the Gunwriter The NRA is changing the basic handgun program again. The blended learning has been a disaster. Hopefully they will give the instructors a choice. Spread the word.

    The NRA will roll back its “Blended Learning” Basic Pistol class within the next 60 days.* My good friend and “The Gun Writer” Blogger Lee Williams, now living in Florida, sent me the news today.* “Looks like we win!” he wrote.* Indeed.
    The NRA rolled out the concept of “Blended Learning” in 2015 for the NRA Basic Pistol class. * For years, NRA Basic Pistol has helped introduce people to shooting pistols.* It serves to provide a solid foundation for future learning if done right.* In short, under “Blended Learning”, the classroom segments of class would be taught on-line.* The student would then find a local NRA-certified instructor to conduct the range aspects of the course.
    In theory, the wonks at NRA Training thought it a great idea.* Standardize the “classroom” teaching and let dedicated instructors handle the live-fire aspects.* The folks at Headquarters considered it moving into the 21st Century.
    In reality, it made Baby Jesus weep.* Enrollees thought the online portions dull and uninspiring.* Instructors hated it because students didn’t internalize the online materials well.* As such, instructors had to re-teach much of the classroom material.* To make matters worse, the NRA charged $60 for the online segment.
    NRA’s Training Division faced a whole lot of negative feedback from both instructors and training counselors.* Waples Mill pretty much ignored all of the criticisms.* In fact, last I heard from the big wigs there, they planned to roll out “Blended Learning” for other NRA training courses as well.

    Then they met Lee Williams
    Lee Williams took it upon himself to wage his own little insurgency against this new training paradigm.* He and I communicated about its shortcomings and he did the same with other instructors.* In the end, he sent a letter about the problem with this new hybrid training program to each of the NRA’s Board members.** The emails went out yesterday.* Today, Lee got a call from the NRA’s Chief of Staff Josh Powell.* “We made a mistake,” he told Williams.
    Kudos to the NRA for admitting their mistake.
    They’ve pledged to make it right in the next 60 days or so.
    That is a great Christmas present to America’s gun owners.* After all, the NRA runs the nation’s largest and most successful firearm training operation.* Millions of Americans have learned firearm safety and the fundamentals from NRA instructors over the decades.
    From the Gunwriter Blog.
    I'll believe it when I see it. I haven't taught an NRA class since the blended version was rolled out and I refuse to. If they give us the choice of offering the old tried and true version or the blended version I will be happy. Let me add that I don't want them to ruin any of their courses with the blended concept. The only reason for the change is to make money. Previously they made little or nothing for the BP materials. Now they charge $60 per student -- at the expense of ruining a good course. It will bite them in the long run.

    "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!" -- George Orwell
    There is nothing more persuasive than a red dot on somebody's forehead (aside from the sound of a shotgun chambering a round).

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