Nra vs uscca
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Thread: Nra vs uscca

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    Nra vs uscca

    I am a nra trained instructor and have been thinking of going uscca. Is anyone a uscca instuctor? And who has better self defence inc. Nra or uscca?

  2. I am a nra basic pistol instructor and a uscca instructor. I really like the uscca material as it was put together specifically for carry conceal. The nra has made it more costly to a student to teach the nra basic pistol due to the student having to do an online course prior to basic pistol.

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    I am an NRA basic pistol instructor, but I only got that certification because Texas requires a License To Carry instructor to also have a pistol instructor certification in a "nationally approved" certification program. Unless you are a certified military instructor or have some other hard to come by certification, NRA is it for most people.
    I wonder what the USCCA program consists of and whether Texas would recognize it?

  4. There are several states that require you be a nra cettified instructor or certified thru the individual states program for teaching carry conceal. The uscca program covers the basic information about pistols, situational awareness and avoidance, mental and physical effects of a conflict situation, legal effects, and they do push their insurance. Having gotten my carry conceal license thru kentucky's state program which was okay, not great. In order to become a nra basic pistol instructor you actually go thru the class which was not very insightful for carry conceal. The uscca instructor was similar in that you go thru the class along with the instructor inserts and i felt it was a great class in all. You should check with your state to see if they accept uscca .

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    I think when I get my income tax I'll go uscca. My state does honor it but with my state being constutnal carry it is harder to get students. Does the uscca have better instructor discounts then the NRA?

  6. The discounts I have noticed are similar to nra.

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  7. Get the USCCA and ditch the NRA. I was a NRA instructor for several years then the NRA went to blended learning. It cost the students a lot more now to do a basic pistol course. The biggest problem I found with the blended learning, students are having someone take part of phase 1 or even the entire thing to get through it. This will come back on the NRA someday if a conceal carry holder is involved in a shooting goes to court and it comes out they did not take the entire class on their own. I no longer do the basic Handgun course.

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    Who is your student base? What are your training goals for your school? These are questions you should ask yourself before aligning yourself with one or the other (or both).

    I am NRA certified for basic pistol and PPITH, I will eventually get PPOTH and become a TC (already eligible to become a TC just no funds). I am also going to get USCCA certified, I am already an affiliated instructor but not a certified instructor. I will also eventually get SAF certified. I'll also get some more advanced fighting type certification such as ICE (Rob Pincus).

    I see no reason to choose only one. Like most other instructors, I am not thrilled about the blended learning and havent done a NRA BP since blended learning came out. Instead I developed my own curriculum. I already had my own curriculum for concealed carry, and even after I get USCCA certified I will continue using my own.

    I think being certified by multiple agencies adds more credibility (proof of your dedication of time and money you have invested in your career), but also I think we can all agree that agency a will do some things better than agency b. Also agency a may have some things and methods which fit my style more than agency b and visa versa. Taking the best of all the agencies and rolling them into my unique curriculum allows me to provide the very best training that I can possibly offer.

    If I were only to pick one, it would be NRA, only because the name is more recognized by my student base. But I see no reason to only pick one. Just my $0.02.

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    Nra vs uscca

    America's largest gun control organization

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    America's largest gun control organization

  10. I just read an article on the Gunwriter The NRA is changing the basic handgun program again. The blended learning has been a disaster. Hopefully they will give the instructors a choice. Spread the word.

    The NRA will roll back its “Blended Learning” Basic Pistol class within the next 60 days.* My good friend and “The Gun Writer” Blogger Lee Williams, now living in Florida, sent me the news today.* “Looks like we win!” he wrote.* Indeed.
    The NRA rolled out the concept of “Blended Learning” in 2015 for the NRA Basic Pistol class. * For years, NRA Basic Pistol has helped introduce people to shooting pistols.* It serves to provide a solid foundation for future learning if done right.* In short, under “Blended Learning”, the classroom segments of class would be taught on-line.* The student would then find a local NRA-certified instructor to conduct the range aspects of the course.
    In theory, the wonks at NRA Training thought it a great idea.* Standardize the “classroom” teaching and let dedicated instructors handle the live-fire aspects.* The folks at Headquarters considered it moving into the 21st Century.
    In reality, it made Baby Jesus weep.* Enrollees thought the online portions dull and uninspiring.* Instructors hated it because students didn’t internalize the online materials well.* As such, instructors had to re-teach much of the classroom material.* To make matters worse, the NRA charged $60 for the online segment.
    NRA’s Training Division faced a whole lot of negative feedback from both instructors and training counselors.* Waples Mill pretty much ignored all of the criticisms.* In fact, last I heard from the big wigs there, they planned to roll out “Blended Learning” for other NRA training courses as well.

    Then they met Lee Williams
    Lee Williams took it upon himself to wage his own little insurgency against this new training paradigm.* He and I communicated about its shortcomings and he did the same with other instructors.* In the end, he sent a letter about the problem with this new hybrid training program to each of the NRA’s Board members.** The emails went out yesterday.* Today, Lee got a call from the NRA’s Chief of Staff Josh Powell.* “We made a mistake,” he told Williams.
    Kudos to the NRA for admitting their mistake.
    They’ve pledged to make it right in the next 60 days or so.
    That is a great Christmas present to America’s gun owners.* After all, the NRA runs the nation’s largest and most successful firearm training operation.* Millions of Americans have learned firearm safety and the fundamentals from NRA instructors over the decades.
    From the Gunwriter Blog.

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