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  1. CD rounds

    Just bought SW sheild 9 what is the bed the ammo for cd

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  3. Get you some glock bullets...

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    I'm missing something. CD?

  5. in both my full size S & W 2.0 and my Shield, my personnel protection ammo is Hornady critical Defense either 124 or 135 grain 9mm hollow point with the flex lock and as always +P ammo. Search the internet for 50 round boxes #90225 some of these companies say you need to be law enforcement to buy boxes of 50 rounds and they want to sell you boxes of 25 for the same prices as the boxes of 50 but they are out there.

    For just target practice I buy in bulk and I will only shot FIOCCHI 9mm ammo. just google bulk ammo, you should be able to buy a 1,000 rounds for 200.00 delivered to your door unless you live in a restricted (lunny) state.

    PS the other guy was just being a Glock guy,

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