Iowa State Senator Punishing Gun Owners
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Thread: Iowa State Senator Punishing Gun Owners

  1. Iowa State Senator Punishing Gun Owners

    My brother lives in Appanoose County Iowa and while in a store in Centerville a flyer was left on his truck. It says "State Senator Keith Kreiman wants to punish gun owners in Iowa!".

    Here is a copy of the flyer Attachment 417

    Hers is a website Iowa Gun Bill Takes Away Your Guns, Charges You For Doing So

    If this doesn't work let me know.

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    They voted for it on Feb 25...

    The bill

  4. Thanks for the info. I would say they are a little late getting their flyers out.

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    At what point do we as gun owners get off out butts and get these people out of office?

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    whatever happen to logic?

    A drunken bum intent on beating his estranged spouse isn't going to give a damn about a protective order. Instead, the court should give her a gun so she can shoot the guy on sight.

  7. Something needs to be done soon or we will have no rights at all.

  8. Blame the stupid people who voted him in. It is their fault if they 2A rights get lost

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    misleading information

    It's a bit late for this thread, but thought if anyone stumbled on it, they would be mislead. No rights were taken away with the bill, only permission for the leo's to enforce the law. It came after a man who was charged with spousal abuse signed an agreement to surrender his weapons while going through this difficulty. He never did surrender his weapons even after agreeing to do so, and the leo's had no authority to take the weapons from him. He later murdered his wife, thus bringing this bill into existance so a leo could take the weapons if he fails to turn them over. This may effect a lot of innocent people, but the purpose is to try to prevent such a tragedy. Only in a perfect world where everyone follows a moral code (aka the bible)
    could we exist without written regulations. The larger a country's population becomes the more difficult it is to get by without regulations. Unfortunately, many innocent people suffer from the abuse of a few. This is my opinion and the info was taken from the site at the beginning of this thread.
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    @cavedweller ...nice job. not all 'gun laws or regs' are bad.
    "An unloaded gun is an exspensive club"! Sig Sauer P239 DAK .40 S&W // 2nd Amend = you can carry as soon as your father says you can!

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