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Thread: 2011 Iowa permit changes

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    Another state that no longer honors any ccw from any other state is Minnesota. The rules are constantly changing, so if you plan to travel and want to carry in another state, do your research before you go.
    Do you have a cite for that?

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    The list of states whose permits to carry are recognized in Monnesota has not changed recently.
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    Red face carry law changes

    Guess I should post that I deleted my other post since it was a mistake. I couldn't remember where I saw the erronious info and since I have been reading so much on the subject, it's possible I may have gotten some info mixed up in my head. Hope I'm not getting senile. I have read hundreds of forums in recent weeks, and am new to participating. I think I'm better off just reading.

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    i think handgun classes should be mandatory with hunter safety classes. home defense could be a quarter of home-ec. funding wouldn't be an issue... just swap it out with a semester of sex-ed!
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