House committee approves "stand your ground" bill
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Thread: House committee approves "stand your ground" bill

  1. House committee approves "stand your ground" bill

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    A bill allowing citizens to use reasonable force to defend themselves or a third party's life or property has gained approval on a 13-7 vote in the House Public Safety Committee.

    The "stand your ground" bill would replace the "castle doctrine," which allows the use of reasonable force if a person is threatened in their home.

    The bill approved Tuesday allows the use of reasonable force in all places a person has the right to be. It also contains an immunity clause that prevents a person using reasonable force from being prosecuted.

    House Democrats opposed the bill. Rep. Rick Olson, of Des Moines, called it a "dueling bill" that would result in increased gun violence.

    Democrats who hold a majority in the Senate say they won't support the bill.

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    We (Iowans) need to contact our senate reps (particularly Dems.) and let them know that we won't settle for anything less than passage of this bill. Tell them that we have the right to defend ourselves or others in any dangerous situation, regardless of where we are at.

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    Passed the info along..hope there's a few Dems that want to keep their jobs and jump on board in the Senate.

  4. I emailed my Senator about this bill just a few minutes ago, and I urge others in Iowa to do the same and email the senator that represents you.

    A list of Iowa Senators, what district they represent, and contact information, can be found here... Iowa General Assembly

    To find your district, see this map... File:Iowa Senate districts.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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