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Thread: Anti-gun Signs in Iowa

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    Darden locatoins


    "a few restaurants"

    If they are national franchises, I would let the manager know that you are contacting corporate. This is especially true for any Darden franchise
    This chain is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. None of their locations has any sort of ban or signage here. We have had concealed carry in restaurants since 1987. You can both eat and drink adult beverages as long as you do not sit at the bar.

    Ask the manager of the site the following:

    1. What is the corporate policy?
    2. Have been to the corporate HQ in Orlando?
    3. Did you eat in any locations while there?
    4. Did you see any signs there?
    Orlando, FL

  3. New pioneer Co-op in Coralville.

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    Fredericksburg Family Clinic in Fredericksburg

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    No Sign posted but in their list of "House Rules" the AmericInn in Cedar Falls states "No Firearms". Not sure if its local or corporate but its in black and white.

    AmericInn Hotels and Suites - Welcome to the End of the Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckey01 View Post
    Fredericksburg Family Clinic in Fredericksbug
    The no firearms sign has since disappeared.

  7. Mr. Tax on Grand Ave. in West Des Moines has a well posted sign on their door about no weapons.

  8. Dahl's and Whole Foods in Des Moines.

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    Eland Agency in Mediapolis. Hand written sign

  10. Anti-gun Signs in Iowa

    Reinhart Foods warehouse in Cedar Rapids

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    The Iowa Firearms Coalition has a site with a long list of businesses that don't allow guns. I encourage everyone to forward anti-gun companies to them. Here's the link:

    Iowa Firearms Coalition :: Anti-gun Businesses
    Owner, Nexus Defensive Training
    Next class offered: Utah/Arizona/Iowa 4-Hour Concealed Firearms Permit Course in Ames, IA
    For more info or to register online:

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