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    Non-resident permit in IA

    Ok, so this may be a dumb question but do I have to get my resident IA permit before I can carry in IA? I was really wanting to get a UT permit but I've heard that IA won't recognize a non-resident permit unless you have a IA permit.

    Just trying to straighten things out before I submit my applications. Just took my class last night so I'm itching to get it done.

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    You, as a resident of IA, would need an IA permit to carry in IA.

    Sec. 10. NEW SECTION. 724.11A Recognition.
    A valid permit or license issued by another state to any
    nonresident of this state shall be considered to be a valid
    permit or license to carry weapons issued pursuant to this
    chapter, except that such permit or license shall not be
    considered to be a substitute for an annual permit to acquire
    pistols or revolvers issued pursuant to section 724.15.

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    I agree with the above.

    In most states where you have to have a permit, if you are a resident of that state, you must have a permit from that state to carry in it.
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    Utah has recently changed their laws about this. You need to get the IA permit first. They are shall issue now of course, as well.

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