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    Corp of Engineers Lakes

    Is it legal to carry on a Corps lake?
    The lake I want to fish ( Rathbun) has a state park access so I wouldn't be on Corp land.
    But the water is managed by the Corp.

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    Still against US Army Corps of Engineers regulations to carry a gun (unless legally hunting) on lands owned and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This also includes lands that are owned by the Corps and leased or licensed to a State or private entity for management purposes so both of the 'non-Corps' parks at Rathbun are indeed Corps lands. There has been a bill introduced that will make it legal to carry on USACE lands if the State law permits the carry of a firearm (just like the Department of Interior regulation change) - hope it gets passed.

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    Once again, SHHHHHHHHHH! I keep one in my camper when we camp. Corp lake or not, I am packing. It is kept in the camper, by the bed and not brought out unless needed. If anyone has an issue with that....write your complaint legibly on the edge of a $100 bill and slide it under the door. Thank you.

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