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    Information provided by Patricia Stoneking President KSRA

    Passed the Kansas House 103-15 and Senate 37-2. Goes to the Govenor with the support of the Kansas AG and other LEO support. When signed goes into effect 6-1-2010.

    "Okay guys. It's time to celebrate. Here are the answers to all of your questions. The House voted 103-15 to approve SB 306. The Senate voted 37-2 to approve. It will now go to the Governors office. I have been told that the AG and other interested law enforcement agencies are going to tell the Governor they support this action and advise him to sign the bill. I might point out that it is a very solid veto proof margin and I have very positive feelings there will be no issue."

    Now, as for exactly what this bill does:

    Redefines “dependent” – allows non-resident military dependents to apply for RTC permits.

    Loosens reciprocity language by changing “equal” to “reasonably similar”.

    New state residents can carry on their old reciprocal permits until their new permit is issued by state of KS.

    Removes 6 month waiting period for new KS residents.

    Removes the state prohibition on individuals with “diversions” from applying for RTC permits.

    Strikes repetitive language for disqualifiers in statute and inserts federal language.

    Removes all state disqualifiers that are inconsistent with state firearms possession laws K.S.A 21-4204 and federal disqualifiers under 18 USC 922.

    RTC permit from recognized state will satisfy training requirement.

    Requires that fees collected by sheriffs can only be used to administer this act.

    Limits access to RTC permit records to “legitimate law enforcement use”.

    Lowers fees on initial permit cost: $100.00 to AG and $32.50 to Sheriff. Total $132.50.

    Lowes total fee on renewal to $25. All renewals will be processed through AG. No trip to Sheriff’s office.

    No fingerprint requirement for renewal.

    Establishes specific limitations for prohibited places – only buildings, no parking lots.

    Lowers penalties for fines for prohibited places violations.

    Specific definitions provided for buildings and parking lots.

    Establishes specific limitations for carrying prohibitions in federally restricted areas.

    Sets new standard for positioning of signs in visible areas.

    Remove implied consent provisions with regard to CUI’s.

    Addresses inconsistencies to KPFPA that exist in other areas of Kansas Statute with regard to firearms possession prohibitions. `
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    Modified at the very last with an effective date of July 1.

    It sure has a lot of great improvements and changes. The renewals should be much better now.

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