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    New Mexico Reciprocity

    There seems to be some confusion as it appeared that New Mexico revoked its reciprocity with us. At least some were reporting it here. Anyone know the final word? I'm planning a trip there in June.
    ~ Bill

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    What states us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason1221 View Post
    What states us?
    uhm, us=Kansas...
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    Yes,they have cancelled a lot of the agreements they had. Info can be found here.

    Reciprocity Agreements | New Mexico Department of Public Safety

    It appears that only 5 states are currently recognized.
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    They did this because of a law here that says NM can/will only recognize states that have the same or more stringent permitting criteria that NM currently uses( classroom course, qualifying with weapon, etc.). So that only leaves about 5 states. I still believe that other states will still recognize NM.

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    It was reinstated shortly after that (within days) if you missed that.... you are now covered in New Mexico again with your Ks permit.

    Out-of-State License Recognition - Concealed Carry - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

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