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    100 days

    Finally got my CC approval today. It was exactly 100 days from the day I was fingerprinted. That was January 15. It was before they got really busy. They guarantee "by law" that it will be approved (or denied) in 90 days or less. Apparently their definition of "by law" doesn't mean what I thought it meant. I can only imagine how long those that were submitted later than that are going to take.

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    100 days

    Silly peasant the state doesn't have to follow the laws they make... Haha glad you got your permit.
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    They don't count Saturday and Sunday in the equation.
    Or Monday and Thursday either.
    That's why it took 100 days, sorry!

  5. 89 days for mine, plus the 4 hour 40 minute wait at the license bureau. Worth it.


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    Congrats Peggy.
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    They are back within 90 days now .. hear a lot of 80-85 days. You sure applied at the beginning of the flood of applications to hit their office.

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