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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain38 View Post
    I'm a retired State Police Captain, graduate of the FBI National Academy and longtime shooter. I've had the opportunity to train with some of the very best handgun instructors, including the late, great Jim Cirillo.

    I am a "qualified retired law enforcement officer" under the provisions of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 allowing me to LEGALLY CCW in all fifty states.

    I was one of the very first persons in the Commonwealth certified to train CCDW Instructors over ten years ago and like to think that I helped get the program off to a good start. I still strongly support the right of qualified non-law enforcement members of the public to CCW.
    Welcome to the forum, Captain 38. It looks like the Kentucky forum is starting to come back to life, finally! *LOL* I look forward to your posts as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oidsailor View Post
    Just wanted to introduce my self, I live In Covington moved back about 2 year ago after retiring from the Military. Been carring about 5 years and shooting about 30 have a Florida and Kentucky permit. Enjoy the shooting sports and would like to get involved in IDPA. Anyone with info about it in the region it would be apprecatiaed.
    Welcome to the forum as well Old Sailor! It's great to see more and more people joining the Kentucky forum.

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    Welcome to USACarry, You will find allot of good poeple here. Thank you for your years of service, As an Police Officer.

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