Went to the Nelson county Courthouse today to pay some fines for a traffic ticket and on my way to the front door, I received a phone call and stepped aside to answer the call. Now I know of a courthouse somewhere here in Kentucky that actually does it right and only forbids entry to the courtrooms, as per the law. Not knowing if this one was the same way, my intentions were to go in and find out and if not allowed, I would have taken it back to my car.

Well two Sheriff's deputies and one Nelson LEO came out of the front doors and asked if I was LE. Of course I replied, "No" and then they tried to tell me it was illegal to carry a firearm on the entire property of the courthouse and to take it back to my car. I proceeded to tell them that it's only illegal to carry into a courtroom and I was on the front porch of the courthouse, they became more aggressive and one pulled his handcuffs out and threatened to arrest me if I didn't comply.

After I went back out and put the firearm in my car and came back up, the Nelson LEO started to search me by putting his hand in my pocket and I told him to stop. I told him that if he couldn't search in my pockets and then he said, "I can take you in front of the Judge and he can tell you I can." Then I went on to say that even if he had RAS to perform a Terry stop, which he didn't, that he could only feel on the outside of my clothing and then reach in if something felt like a weapon, which considering the only things in my pockets was change, he had no justification.

He stopped at that point and let me go in. Then when I tried to discuss the manner further, I discovered that he didn't have a clue what he was talking about in regards to the law. Claiming such charges as disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, the usual. I took apart every thing he had and then told him that, "Yeah, you can arrest me for anything, but it doesn't mean it's a legal arrest, it doesn't mean it's gonna stick and it would be detrimental to your career to take such reckless actions." He became visibly angry and told me to go on about my business, which I did. I even told him to have a good day on my way back out, of course he didn't respond back in kind.

Now what I've seen is 4 different officers of the law(1 was a separate incident), not knowing the law, that come from that county and enough is enough. The courtroom is the only place there that's supposed to be off limits by law, but the AG has made it, without passing a law, that we can't go into a courthouse and now these guys are trying to say it's illegal to carry even on the property and even threatened to arrest me if I didn't comply.

I want to have an OC event on the doorsteps of the courthouse to show these corrupt LEOs that yes WE THE PEOPLE can carry on the property outside of the courthouse.

What's next, the city, the county?

I'm written and sent a letter of complaint to the AGs office to get the Nelson county Sheriff's department and Police educated on laws that they either don't know or choose to ignore.

Who's with me??