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    Wink Just Joined the Forum!

    Hi everyone, I just join the forum and want to say hello and maybe learn some things from the most experienced of you, I am a member of the NRA, USCCA . I have had my CCDW permit since Oct 2010 and i am very new to this. The reason i decided to carry was to protect my family and myself. This world is getting more dangerous as i speak, A few years ago my son and i took a musky fishing trip in early summer on a small river in Estell co at a place call Jacks beautiful highway, it's the beginning of Staton Camp Creek. As we were floating and casting going down the stream, we heard something that sounded like firecrackers in the distance, as they got closer we realized that it was gun fire aiming at us in the creek, bullets were splashing everywhere. my son fell over board into the water,and so did i, we swam to the bank asking each other if we were alright? That was the first time that i felt violable, That we were going to be killed. They went on up the road, the shooting stopped when we fell in, i guess the thought they had hit one of us. after a while terrified we swam to the boat and got out of there! We contacted the State Police, and they said that they would drive thu there,but would not get out. That area was considered a POT Haven and we had probably came to close to a field. That's why i carry! I will not be in that situation again!

    Explanation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The means to protect my family and myself, If all else Fails!
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    Hello, and Welcome from the SC.. shore.. Glad to have u join us......
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Quote Originally Posted by muskyfever View Post
    That's why i carry! I will not be in that situation again!
    Welcome to the forum, Muskie. I'm also new here at USA Carry although I've shot for 40 years, including a stretch competitively on a collegiate team as well as the USAF pistol team.

    So if you could rewind this life video except that you'd be carrying, you'd take on rifles with an iron sight pistol at a distance so far away that you had trouble distinguishing gunfire from a firecracker sound? And with an unarmed youngster with you in the boat?

    How do you suppose that would have worked out for you if the shooters got pissed when you returned fire at long range (for a pistol) and decided to aim for you instead of in the water nearby to scare you (apparently away from a nearby pot field)? Or could it instead have been kids having some potentially deadly fun?

    Either way, unless you're quite good with a pistol, it would seem to me that reducing both your profiles by getting into the water and putting the boat between yourselves and the shooters should be the first priority.

    And the cops didn't even investigate? Weren't interested in looking for casings, determining how the shooters got out of the area, etc.? One weak ass department!

    3X PM

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    I said that i wouldn't be in that situation again! I meant the means to defend
    myself, I didn't say anything about shooting at them? I know that my handgun is no match against a rifle! But i would at least have something if
    they came back, to protect my son and myself if it came down to it. My son is a grown man 30yrs old. and not a youngster.

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    Welcome to the forum muskyfever, I carry for the same reason, I dont want to be in the situation where I cant have a chance to defend my self and family.

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    Welcome to USA Carry forums. You'll enjoy it here.
    "They who give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin, 1775

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    Welcome To The Forum

    Welcome to the forum, Musky. We've been trying to revive the Kentucky section from death so please feel free to post as you see fit. :)

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